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CupoNation Review: Save Money While Shopping Online

What procedure do you follow while buying in the local shops?

You reach over there, ask for your products and the most importantly YOU ASK FOR A BARGAIN!

Of course its true!

And there's nothing wrong in doing so!

Who in this world doesn't like to save money?  (Except you are amongst those who have a lot of it in excess!)

Bargaining is now a specific feature of Indian diversity. The below infographic proves it:

But, wait! Today's era is of sitting at your sofa and getting things delivered. The shop now resides online, mate!

Can you ask for a bargain while shopping on Flipkart or Snapdeal?


That surely doesn't mean that you shouldn't rely on online shopping. Online shopping has its own set of advantages, which you will never find offline!

I have another solution for you! Believe me, its far better than the traditional bargaining.


Online Shopping websites have 4 to 5 new deals daily, where you can save 25%, 50% or even 90%!

The problem which now arises is that the deal of the day may not suit your requirement!

For this, let me introduce you to a freakingly awesome website known as CupoNation.

CupoNation: Coupons and Deals for Online Shopping

CupoNation is basically a website which basically gives you access to all the coupons and deals of all the top online shopping websites and also many restaurants!

Thus, you have a whole suite of deals and discounts. From clothing to furniture, from laptops to hard disks, from CDs to home theatres, there is a deal for everything, anytime or anywhere you wish to gain access to!

You will surely be happy if you get a Rs.1000 off coupon code for watches when you actually need to buy one!

Or how about receiving a discount of 70% on different accessories?

Wait! There's still more! A pizza fanatic would surely love this:

Isn't it fantastic? Just think over it! If you buy products worth Rs.5000/- monthly and save 40% on an average using CupoNation, this is how much you will save:

40/100 x 5000 = a WHOOPING Rs.2000 (I am quite good at calculations, you know!)

Think once again! How much can you buy with so much money?

A brand new sports accessory? Branded cosmetics? A computer game?

What about donating some part of it?

The list goes on, endlessly!

How to use CupoNation to save money?

2. The top offers are visible on the homepage. Browse through them. If you find one that suits your requirement, move to the next step. Else, keep searching. Remember that browsing through the categories is the best way of finding best deals.
3. Its time to receive the discount. There are basically two ways in which you receive discount: a. via Deal or b. via Code.

If you encounter a code, just click on the code button. You will receive a discount code shortly!

If you get a deal, click on the deal button. You will be redirected to the associated website, with discounted prices!

4. If you received a code, enter it at the end of checkout!

5. Enjoy your savings!

Congratulations! You've saved money! That too, in 5 simple steps!

Why is CupoNation better than its competitors?

The very first time I visited this website, I was attracted by its unique features. Of course, all coupons websites regularly update their databases with deals from top websites, CupoNation has some cutting edge features.

Availability of Exclusive Deals

With CupoNation, you are open to some deals and discounts which can't be found anywhere else! They are EXCLUSIVE deals of CupoNation. So, you've got pre-existing deals of top websites along with some unique deals as well!

Deals of all top online shopping websites + Exclusive offers = MEGA SAVINGS!

Availability of Restaurant Deals and Coupons

This feature is rarely found in CupoNation's competitors. With CupoNation, you can save money on eating as well! There are coupons available for big restaurant chains like Dominos. What else do you need?

We now have a new trend: SAVE MONEY WHILE EATING

Free Surprise Coupons!

If you subscribe to their newsletter, not only you receive latest deals directly to your inbox but you also get a free surprise coupon. Thus, its like getting paid for a thing which benefits you! Awesome, right?

This is what I received as my surprise coupon:

Still can't believe my words?

I know there are some whose minds still have a doubt. Have a look at what other people have to say about CupoNation: (Source: Google Reviews)

What are you waiting for?

CupoNation has well-established itself and is one of the most trusted deals provider of India.

You are saving a heck of a lot of money with this.

What are you waiting for then? Start shopping, NOW!

Or even better, share it to your friends and family. They will surely love this pretty website, won't they?
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

How To Use Facebook Without Internet (Absolutely FREE)?

Who doesn't know about Facebook?

Facebook, the #1 social networking website, rests in the minds of everyone, at least the Americans and Indians.

But, along with joy, it brings with it cost of internet.

And the people who just pay for using Facebook feel their money to be going wasted!

Nobody would hunt for free Wi-fi zones the whole day, would you?

You might not have thought of a solution. Who has the time for it?

Don't worry!

My situation was earlier similar to you. This made me reach out for ideas to accomplish this goal.

Before I introduce you to the solution, just imagine how your life will be after receiving its benefits.

You would be using Facebook anytime you wish to, you will enjoy all of its features and the best part, YOU WILL ENJOY IT FOR FREE!

How would it be?

Of course, you won't save much! Something is better than nothing.

And besides, what are you losing with this?

So, here we go.....................

How to use Facebook without Internet?

  1. Dial *325# from your phone.
  2. You will see a message like this:
  3. Just press OK and wait for another response
  4. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address associated with your Facebook account. If your phone doesn't support entering text via USSD, enter these details from another devices, preferably a smartphone. Make sure you change your SIM card temporarily, else the number associated with smartphone will gain access to your account.
  5. Its now time to enter your password. Make sure that it is correct, else you will have to start everything once again.
  6. If the number from which you're doing this is not associated with your Facebook account, you will be asked if you would like to associate it. Reply as per your requirement.
  7. That's it! You will now be able to access Facebook whenever you dial *325# from your phone. Moreover, you will receive notifications directly on your phone!

Note: For some services, the charge is Rs.2 per day. You will be asked whether you want to access those features or not.

What are you waiting for?

It feels good to use this feature right?

Your friends would be jealous of you for sure!

How awesome it is to look for such awesome tricks, right?

So, what are you waiting for?

Awesome tricks tend to stop working any moment. Do it fast or you will miss it!

Do you know a similar trick?

If yes, please let me and the others know too! The comment box below is the best place for this!

I know that you are smart enough to comment and share this post! Your friends will love it!
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Friday, August 01, 2014

7 Moto G Alternative Smartphones That Will Change Your Opinion

Once upon a time, people used feature phones. The word "Nokia" was printed on the head of each and every device.

But, as time passed by, things changed.

The name "Samsung" started to appear. Soon, it conquered the market. The name starting being sung everywhere. With their various smartphones, it WIPED OUT Nokia, slowly and gradually.

And then, various companies launched their devices to give Samsung a competition. Google took over Motorola and launched three smartphones. That's how Moto G was born.

Nobody expected it to go huge. Nobody expected it to even go well. Nobody expected that it would be sold!

But, people soon went mad! Flipkart sold it. The sales were huge. The servers went down often. The device went out of stock WITHIN MINUTES!

People love Moto G, but a few love online shopping. Thus, there is a need to watch out for its alternatives.

That is the reason why I did a bit of research and here I have posted, what you need!

1. Lenovo S660 - The Top Class Moto G Alternative

Lenovo S660 - Moto G Alternative
This device is one of the greatest competitors of Moto G. The features are almost same. There are four noticeable differences:
  1. Larger screen size (4.7 Inch vs. 4.5 Inch)
  2. Not the latest android (4.2 Jellybean vs. 4.4.2 KitKat) but I think the device will be upgradable
  3. Better Camera (8 MP vs. 5 MP)
  4. Lacking a better display (qHD vs HD)
I personally have this device at my house and I can say that it is freakingly awesome and an awesome alternative to Moto G. The price of this device is Rs.13999, same as that of Moto G.

Click here to buy

2. Sony Xperia M - The second-best Moto G Alternative

Sony Xperia M - Moto G Alternative
Sony smartphones have always worked awesome for me and I think Sony truly deserves the crown of best smartphone developer. Sony Xperia M comes with 1 GB RAM, 4 Inch Screen, 5 MP Camera etc. The device is a great alternative to Moto G for the Sony lovers and has a great plus point of Sony's attractive UI. Even 1 GB RAM is enough for a Sony device to work flawlessly.

3. Xolo Q1100 - The Indian "Killer"

Xolo Q1100 - Moto G Alternative
The Indian brand is also into the game! Xolo Q1100 is one of the toughest competitors of Moto G due to the fact that it is far cheaper than the latter. The phone is quite stylish and is far better than Moto G if you trust this brand. The only minus point is that the android version is 4.3 Jellybean and not Kitkat. But though, it is worth buying.

Oh, and how can I forget two major plus points:

  1. Larger Screen (5 Inch vs 4.5 Inch)
  2. Better Camera (8 MP vs 5 MP)
Click here to buy

4. Gionee Elife E3 - Gionee makes it, everytime!

Gionee Elife E3 - Moto G Alternative
How can I forget Gionee when it comes to finding an alternative? Elife E3, which comes with a 1.2 Ghz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB Internal Memory and a stunning 8 MP Front Camera can be a great alternative to Moto G. Gionee is a good manufacturer with a dashing UI. I think Gionee is a great rival of Samsung.

5. Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG - The new game-changer

Asus Zenfone 5 - Moto G Alternative
No words for this device! It has 2 GB RAM, 5 inch screen, Android v4.3 upgradable to v4.4, Gorilla Glass 3, 2110 mAh battery, and a 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom processor. I am just amazed by looking at this features. And the price? Just Rs.12999! Amazing, huh?

6. Micromax Canvas Turbo - The second Indian brand

Micromax Canvas Turbo - Moto G Alternative
The features are quite good, better than Moto G. The difference is of RAM (2 GB) and Camera (8 MP). But I would insist that you shouldn't buy Micromax. There are two big reasons for it. Click here to know about them!

7. Karbonn Titanium S5 - Forget the brand, and you have it!

Karbonn Titanium S5 - Moto G Alternative
Almost the same features as that of Canvas Turbo. But the price is just Rs.8000. But I placed it last because of the poor smartphone quality of Karbonn's smartphones. I would take it as the last option left.

Click here to buy

Your take

Moto G has now got many great alternatives like the ones you saw on this post. There are still many more, yet unexplored.

I know that you know at least one of them! Why not share it in comments?

I also know that you are smart enough to share this valuable post. Your friends would surely like this!
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Monday, July 07, 2014

11 Free Softwares to make Windows better

Windows is packed with many features where some are great, but some are just dull. Here, we introduce you to 11 FREE Windows tools that will not only enhance your Windows experience, but also solve many problems we face daily. 

Universal Dictionary

When you don't know the meaning if any word, WordWeb comes handy. Fire it with a keyboard or mouse shortcut and it will tell you definitions, synonyms and much more!

Software Updater

Many of us often forget to update softwares. SUMo helps us here. It helps to keep an eye on your installed programs and tells you when there is an update available.

Open Files of Any Type

File Opener is the name which comes to the rescue when you're wondering which program to use while opening an unknown file type. It supports over 80 well-known file types including PDFs, Office files, images, videos, torrents, code files, etc.

Get Tabs in Windows File Explorer

What if you could get tabs in your Windows file explorer just like you have in your internet browser ? Clover is the best tool among all which allows you to close, bookmark, pin and do many other things !

Adjust Screen to Environment 

F.lux is a great tool for those who are in front of a computer all day long. It reduces the strain in the eye by changing the screen color according to the environment ( by knowing the time )

Uninstall Programs Completely

The default windows file uninstaller doesn't uninstall a program program and leaves behind many unwanted files which eat up your memory. Revo Uninstaller Free helps you to remove all the files related to a program when you uninstall it.

Close Many Windows at One Click

CloseAll is the program which closes all windows or a batch of windows in just one click instead of closing each window individually.

Copy Files Faster

TeraCopy is the preferred software when it comes to copying files. It speeds up the copying process, gives you the option of pausing and resuming it and lists all files as individual processes, so you can still finish your work if any file fails saving your precious time.

Defragment in Background

Defragmentation helps your OS to run faster. IObit Smart Defrag sets itself apart from other defraggers by working in the background and working when the computer is idle. Now, you will never have to remind yourself to switch on the defragger !

Organise Shortcuts like Apple's OS X

Yes, now you can get the Apple's OS X like shortcut organizer for Windows ! RocketDock gives you a smooth, animated shortcut bar on your desktop allowing you with tons of customization.

Delete Stubborn Files

Does windows show errors like " Cannot delete file : Access is denied " and " This file is in use by another program " when you try to delete, move or rename files ? Unlocker solves this problem just in a couple of clicks.

Hope this article will help you enhance your day-to-day Windows experience and solve your problems.
Did you like it ? Or do you know any other Free Windows software which is effective ?
Feel free to leave a comment and share this post so your friends can take advantage of these softwares!

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Apple Takes Mobile Technology To A New Level

Note from Yashraj: This is a guest post by Prakash Thakur. Do let me know your feedback in the comments.

Forget the mega iOS 7. Apples’ newest iOS 8 is designed with superb details to give you an exquisite experience. Launched on 2nd June 2014, iOS 8 is the latest mobile Operating System by Apple™. It has a wide array of capabilities and features that are unprecedented. It is designed to give a brilliant user experience. It features a stylish easy to touch keypad that will allow developers to mount their keyboard to the top notch iOS.

Taking photos in HD

Taking pictures has never been this amazing. Using the new iOS 8, every photo u take can be fine-tuned to create a stunning masterpiece. The newfangled iOS 8 integrates an incredible photo app which allows you to edit pictures of your cherished moments using smart editing tools. The tool allows you to edit the photo’s composition so you won’t have to worry about composition when taking your pictures. You will also be able to modify your picture by adjusting the brightness, contrast, exposure and highlight. This feature alongside other amazing tools allows a tyro to take and edit photos like a pro!
As more photos are taken there is a need to store them so as to reminisce those great moments you shared with your loved ones. The sensational iCloud Photo Library™ was developed out of the need to store pictures. Every photo that is taken is hived in iCloud Photo Library, a virtual photo library which allows you to carry your pictures everywhere and access them using any device wherever you are.

Bring conversations live

Apple’s newest release, iOS 8 lets you get in touch with family and friends in an exciting way using the acing message feature.  This feature allows you to bring conversations live. It allows you to send multiple voices, videos and other attachments in the middle of a conversation. The revolutionary iOS 8 also allows you to show your location more easily and even lets you choose for how long your location will remain the same. More, when your friends share their location, you get to see them in one map. Another messaging feature is the ability to send group messages. To do this is simple. Just create a group and give it a name. Then invite your friends or family and start a real time conversation.

Track your health progress in real time

So you mind your health? Apple has made health and fitness data analysing absolutely amazing.  With the new HealthKit tool, app developers will be able to create an app which will be able to manage your health data more efficiently. The new app will be able to use data from various health and fitness apps to create an overview of your present health status. This will be done by allowing multiple health and fitness apps to communicate with each other and to share your data with your permission. You will be able to choose which app should share data and what data will be shared.  This is an amazing way to manage your health from one dashboard.

Stay connected

The unparalleled mobile Operating System includes Family Sharing. This is a new social platform that allows you to stay connected with family members. The tool allows you to get in touch with up to six family members and share your apps, photos, videos and comments. The tool enables family members to access each others’ online purchases including books, movies, music and apps without sharing account details. Family Sharing allows parents and their children to use one credit card for purchases. However, the parent controls the spending of the children by approving or disapproving requests to purchase.
The exceptional iOS 8 integrates other amazing features and is compatible with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5thgeneration and iPad 2, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad mini with Retina display. iOS 8 gives users an incredible mobile experience. Let’s wait and see how well developers will utilize the recently unveiled OS.


From this post we can conclude that Apple's move can become a cause of worry for Samsung and other Android manufacturing companies. With these features, the company will easily drive the attention of the customers. Thus it would be controversial to know what effects will occur in the smartphone market with this smart move.

What did you feel about this post? Was it any good?

If yes, then why not share it? It might be useful to your friends and family!

Moreover, sharing becomes quick using the sharing buttons present below.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nokia X2 Smartphone In-Depth Review, Price, Features, Comparison

Nokia X2 Pictures
Nokia X2, the successor of Nokia X series
After experiencing a bit on dissatisfaction from the much awaited Nokia X, X+ and XL, Microsoft, on June 24th has announced their successor, Nokia X2. Since the footsteps of Nokia into the android market are new, the android devices released by them are always in the spotlight. I hope that my Nokia X2 review would help you realize the truth of the device!

One of the reasons why Nokia devices (including Nokia X2) stand out from the other android ones is that the interface is said to be inspired by Nokia Lumia. Another thing to note is that the operating system is not android, it justs supports all the android apps.

Nokia X2: Detailed Specifications

The device comes with 4.3 Inch capacitive touchscreen, 1 GB RAM, 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor, 4 GB Internal Storage and a 5 MP Camera.

What you can conclude from this is that the device is quite a bit ideal with an average processor.

Besides, Nokia X2's screen resolution is 480x800 pixels with 217 PPI (Pixels Per Inch). It surely isn't awesome but is ideal.

The OS, as I said before, is not any android, but Nokia X OS. You will be able to use android apps though.

The battery is of 1800mAh which is quite good for the smartphones of its screen size. Besides, the device is dual sim, which needs a good battery life!

Nokia X2 will be made available in 4 colours: Bright Green, Bright Orange, Black and White.

You will be getting many popular android apps pre-installed with the device.

A secondary camera has further added to the virtues of the device.

And yes, how can I forget the fastlane? With it, you can easily access your favourite apps!

Note the following in Nokia X2 Review:

Since Nokia X2 has its own UI, it will be a bit complicated to use it for an average android user. The interface is inspired by Lumia and I can say that it seriously is boring to use that kind of screen. I have experienced the fact myself.

What is good in Nokia X2

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB Internal Storage (Ideal according to the price)
  • 4.3 Inch Touchscreen
  • Offline Maps
  • Secondary Camera

What is not good in Nokia X2

  • Nokia X Operating System
  • 5 MP Camera
  • Unattractive looks
  • Complicated User interface
  • Absence of Google Services
Therefore, it would be a good device for you if you are a low-end gamer, ordinary business person or a simple android user. It won't be good if you are a high-end gamer, business person who needs many running apps, in need of simple user interface.


It is currently launched in London at the price of 99 Euros, which equals to something around Rs.8000. The buy link will be available in this post once it is launched in India. The price is cheap, right?

Related Video:

Smartphones in its comparison

There are many smartphones in its comparison. Samsung fans can have the Galaxy S Duos, while Sony fans can enjoy the Xperia E Dual smartphone, both at almost this price. Other devices include Micromax Canvas 2, Nokia Lumia 520, XOLO Q700S etc.


Nokia X is an ideal device at its price range. With its 1 GB RAM, you will experience smooth flow of apps. There wouldn't be any major glitches associated with its performance, except the complications that might take place with the user to get used to the entirely new UI. The 5 MP camera is somewhat disgusting, but the cons are overlooked with features such as offline maps, presence of secondary camera etc. One important thing to look at is that Google Services are completely absent from the phone!

This was my review of Nokia X2!

Did you thoroughly enjoy it?

If yes, then would you please mind commenting on this post or sharing it to your friends and family?


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