Saturday, April 19, 2014

15 Ways to Make Your SmartPhone's Battery Last Longer

We all know that the advent of smartphones, the usage of mobile phones is not only limited to calling. It has become a mini computer, a compact device that can do anything and everything which can pass the time of the user, by not limiting the features to calling and clicking pictures. But this has also brought in a problem for all of its users! The problem is that due to the excessive consumption of the device, which is too much even for standby, the batteries of these revolutionary devices don't last long!

Despite of having almost double battery power than the old devices, the smartphones' batteries last for not even a day! The problem with these devices is that their functions consume a lot of battery, and as a result, we experience that we need to charge it for long.

Though it is ignorable if we stay indoors, it can be a lot of problem if we are outside for something and we don't have a source of electricity to charge our devices! We may miss many of our important calls, and I know the feeling of being away from social media. I, like you all, was a social media addict!

In this post, I will be sharing some of my tricks to improve your smartphone's battery to make it last longer.

1. Change your background

Your smartphone's background can consume a lot of battery. Change it from live or something attractive to a plain or completely black one. You will be able to see a noticeable change in your performance and battery

2. Remove all icons and widgets

All the shortcuts and widgets that exist on the home screen cause a lot of battery consumption. Thus, it is better to remove them, at least when you're out and need to preserve the battery. And ideal strategy would be to remove everything from the home screen and change the background to a completely black one!

3. Get rid of unwanted apps

Many of the apps that are unwanted can consume your device's RAM and consume more battery. Thus, it is better to remove all the unwanted applications, whether they are large or small. Even a small difference is enough!

4. Remove unwanted IM and Social Networking apps

Many of us have so many instant messaging apps installed like WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Telegram, which in turn, reduce the battery's standby, by consuming it to a great extent. Thus, it is better to remove them and keep only one of them, that also, only if needed!

Similar is the case with social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. It is better to keep them out!

5. Buy a new battery

Most smartphones come with China batteries, which do not have much battery standby, even if they are of huge capacity! Buying a new battery would increase the battery time to a great extent!

As batteries wary for different smartphones, I wouldn't be able to recommend one! But, Flipkart provides batteries for almost all devices. You can use the search box below to search for yours!

6. Reduce your device's brightness

A bright device not only harms your eyes, but also consumes battery. Thus it is better to keep low brightness in the settings!

7. Turn off mobile data

Keeping mobile data on unnecessarily can consume a lot of battery. Moreover, you can be at a risk of unwanted consumption. Keep mobile data off when not using.

8. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Like mobile data, Wi-Fi and bluetooth too, responsible for excessive battery consumption. Keep them off when not using. Moreover, keeping Bluetooth on unnecessarily can hang your device. I hope it is clear!

9. Use Clean Master

Clean Master is application available for android which cleans your device for unwanted data, frees up RAM and does much more! You can download it by clicking here. It can help to a great extent to preserve your battery.

10. Buy a battery bank

Battery banks are sources of battery and can be used to charge a device. They store battery that can be taken anywhere. Battery banks are a great alternative to all the other ways because you don't have to compromise on your luxury, features and comfort. You can consume the battery without restricts and worries of preserving, as you know that you can charge the battery anytime with the battery bank.

Battery banks come in varieties. If you want to go for a fairly reasonable price, try EverReady UM 22 Power Bank or Maxx PBS-26-SDI. If you can afford to go for a higher price, try PNY Power Bank. Expensive battery banks have stunning looks and larger storage capacities. Sometimes, they even have the capacity to charge multiple devices at the same time!

11. Use one app at a time

If you are a multi-app user, its time to say no to handling multiple apps at the same time. Go one by one. This can help to save battery.

12. Use 'Airplane Mode' Facility

Give a try to the airplane mode facility when your smartphone is not in use. It will turn of mobile networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and anything else that can consume battery. This, however will result in no sending or receiving calls or messages.

13. Put your device into sleep

Put your device into sleep. This would turn off the screen. This feature is activated by default in all smartphones. Make sure that you don't turn it off!

14. Disable GPS

Make sure that your GPS is off, so that your battery is not wasted unnecessarily!

15. Keep your device cool

The hotter the device, the faster it will drain battery. Make sure that your device doesn't bask in the sun and is kept safely in a cool place. (Don't keep in a refrigerator!:P)

Final Words

These were some of my easy tricks to improve your smarphone's battery.

Do you have another point?

Did I miss something?

How well did this work out for you?

Do let me know in the comments!

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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Get Facebook Likes better than Your Competitors: 6 ways to Boost your Facebook Likes

So, you want to increase your Facebook likes, don't you? Well, that is why you are here at my blog, reading my post! I assume that you are not a big brand that likes would come automatically. Well, that's actually how multimillionaire brands gain likes, just because of their brand value. But you are an ordinary one. There are millions of other pages out there in competition and that is the reason why you will need some working tricks to get ahead of them. The main thing, of course is to attract people to click on the LIKE button!

Here I will be sharing some of my working tricks that I follow to gain rapid likes!

1. Offer a freebie!

People love nothing more than a freebie, and that is the fact which can help you gain likes. Well, here is how you can do it. 
  1. Organize a giveaway on a popular page or profile stating that you will be giving away a product or a service absolutely free to a lucky person. Make sure to choose the product or service relevant to your page category, something which people wouldn't resist having. 
  2. Now in return, ask all the participants to like and share your page and the giveaway post, telling them that this would be strictly checked by you and people not following the advice will be disqualified.
  3. Your work is to enjoy the scenario as your likes increase rapidly and share whatever you want to through your page.
  4. Choose a random winner through and make sure that you announce it on the Facebook page. A fake giveaway would give an extremely bad impression of your page.

2. Share, share and share

Post about your page everywhere around the web. Ask the people to like your Facebook page and tell them what they will get if they give a like. For example, telling the people that by giving a like to your Jokes & Entertainment page they will enjoy the funniest of the jokes around the web at one place and wouldn't resist laughing. Make sure to state the benefits to the fullest so as to attract more and more likers. However, you need to make sure that you don't share too much as an overdose of promotion results in a bad spammy impression of your page. Moreover, if somebody reports spam, your page can be deleted or blocked from sharing!

3. Use Facebook likes widgets

If you own a blog or a website that runs parallel to your Facebook page, make sure to add the Facebook like widget to your website. A good impression of your website would fetch many likes to your Facebook page as people love to follow the updates of the websites and blogs that are helpful.

4. Get people promote it

If you have a friend who has a massive e-mail list, convince him to promote your Facebook page to his fans! List owners usually develop a good relation with their subscribers, thus an attractive e-mail sent to all of them would fetch thousands of likes, and all of them would come through a single email!

Likewise, you can ask your friends to get a few likes by posting about your page in their status.

5. Get engaged in a tribe

Get engaged in a group of people on Facebook which shares content for a share by others. Well, they are known by the name TRIBES. So all you need to do is to promote somebody's page for a promotion of yours. This is an easy way of getting traffic as you are promoting someone and not your own self.

6. Give a like for a like

You might have heard of websites like AddMeFast and YouLikeHits, where you earn points for giving a like and can use them for getting likes. Sounds like a fair policy, doesn't it? You can join them for free and enjoy the benefits! A trick you can follow here is to like the pages giving more points and offer a like to your page for average points. Thus, you would get more likes to your page, and that too, at a slow and a steady rate! Slow because people give a like to pages giving more points!

Want a better option? We have a way to get thousands of likes while you sleep!

All these tricks require consistent efforts from your side and in fact, have no guarantee of success. It is also possible that some of these tricks don't work for you. For example, you don't have a good friend for promotion or you don't know how to attract people. Therefore, the problems for you are many! But don't worry, we know how to get massive likes without any efforts!

BoostLikes is a paid website which provides massive Facebook likes to your page at extremely reasonable rates, as low as half cent per like! Yes, you can gain likes at such cheap rates!

I recommend this website to you because it is better than wasting your precious time like water for gaining likes, and I always say that "Time is more than money".

You can use your saved time for entertaining your fans and making money out of them, by recommending a product, or sharing a paid post! Thus, you get back more than you invest!

And, to clear your doubts, let me tell you that the likes provided by BoostLikes are 100% real. Thus, there are no bots, no automations and no risk of being caught by Facebook. Isn't it a great deal, my friends?

To view their plans for Facebook likes, click here.

Bonus Tip

For a trial, BoostLikes is offering 250 likes absolutely free to the people who mention BoostLikes in their post! (Note that it is for bloggers only. Sorry!) For complete guidelines, kindly click here!

Over to you!

These were my tips for getting more Facebook likes. What's your opinion? Do you have something related to share? Let us know in the comments. I would feature the best commentor in my next blog post! So what are you waiting for, leave your thoughts right now!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

5 April fool's pranks you can perform on someone's computer/mobile

April Fool's day is fast approaching and I am sure that you must be eagerly waiting to perform some sneaky pranks and your friends. Probably this is the only day in the whole year when you are "officially entitled" to make fun of others out of pranks. This day is my favourite too, so much that I couldn't resist myself from posting some of my favourite pranks on my blog, but since my blog is focussed on Computers & Technology, I will be sharing pranks related to computers and mobile phones only!

Note: For most of these pranks you will need access to the victim's computers beforehand, so please make sure that you gain access to the victim's computer before they come to use it!

1. Mouse "locked-up"

Take a piece of opaque tape and reach out for the victim's computer mouse. Now look out for the mouse ball, you can see light coming from there. Just put the tape over the light and the mouse will stop working unless the tape is removed. I am sure the victim will have a tough time trying to solve the problem unless they find the tape beneath only to realize that they have been fooled!

2. The lost Mobile

Look out for your victim's mobile phone. Then stick it under their bed with a tape. Now, call on their mobile number with your phone and enjoy the scenario as your victim hunts madly for his/her mobile!

3. The blue-screen of death

Being a Windows User, you must be knowing that the blue screen error in your system is dangerous of all and can cause tremendous data loss! Well, do you want to give the blue screen error to your friend without risking his/her data? Download the BlueScreen Screensaver and enjoy your victim's expressions after watching the bluescreen. The instructions to use this screensaver are given in the download link itself!

4. The "fake-iconed" desktop

First of all, take a screenshot of your victim's desktop. Then hide or delete all of his icons. And guess what's next? Make the screenshot as his wallpaper. And I am sure you know what will happen. You will get to enjoy the sight as your victim desperately tries to click on an icon! Or you can try not to delete the icons but rename them and change their icons! This too, would be funny....

5. The out-of-language search!

Go to your victim's Google settings and change it to some language not at all understandable by him/her. Enjoy the sight as he has a tough time looking out for what he wants!

Your take....

These were some of my favourite pranks for April Fool's day. Which one did you like? Do you have another prank to share? Do let me know in the comments!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

10 little known ways to make the most of your personal computer

If you have a personal computer with an internet connection, it is likely that you will look out for means to make the most of it, gain something or just pass time. And most of us get trapped in social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter to waste our precious time like flowing water. Just because social media is so addictive, we get deeply lost into it and can't resist stopping the use.

And, the best way to stop this tremendous waste of time, I would disclose some of the little known ways(but you must be knowing many of them) to make the most of your personal computer/laptop and your online experience.

1. Make money

Making money online is the best way to utilize the time. Depending upon your capability, you can earn from a few cents to a million bucks. But I would strongly recommend blogging or freelancing to earn online.

You can read my post 7 quick and easy ways to make money online for a detailed insight into the online money making journey and let me telly you that, even if you don't have any knowledge, you CAN make money! 

Alternatively, if you need a little fun experience, check out Coolest way to make money online or get items free from Amazon Store. Here, I reviewed the most widely used GPT website and explained its usage to make money from it.

If you find any website over the Internet which can earn you some money, make sure that you verify the site to be 100% genuine. Have a detailed look at my post Warning! 7 Signs that prove a make money site to be fake and you will be able to identify any fake website just by looking at the homepage!

2. Learn programming

Programming would be a great pass time activity which can benefit you later on. Learning languages like HTML, PHP, C++ or JAVA can be a lot beneficial. Don't fear just because of their awkward names, they are very simple or you can say as easy as ABC if you have a keen interest in the subject.

You don't have to pay for learning these languages. You can find free e-books on the internet or you can go to w3schools website to learn for free! If you can't find any e-books, send me an e-mail and I will get you some of those.

3. Furnish your sports skills

I know this topic doesn't seem to match our post topic. but it is a good idea to get free training online for a particular sport, be it cricket, football, volleyball or even hockey. If you trust your training provider, you can buy premium training from them. Polishing the sports skills online is beneficial as you won't have to look out for a trainer in your locality and you can have free sessions.

You can join OnlineSoccerAcademy for free and get basic and advanced soccer training at no cost. I am sure you can find even more trainers. Look out for their videos on youtube as you can find some hidden secrets which you see nowhere else.

4. Learn a "real" language

Only 12% of the world's population speaks English, so you should need to know how to communicate with the rest. You can find many websites which offer free/paid language training. Be it Spanish or French, Chinese or Japanese, Hindu or Urdu, there are tutorials for every language that exists.

Go to DuoLingo or OpenCulture and you will find tutorials of some of the most popular languages for free!

5. Transform your computer

You can change the look of your computer, enhance the features, make it more responsive or make it user friendly. This, however, can be complicated sometimes and success is not guarenteed!

Check the post Turn your computer into JARVIS from Iron Man to get the full tutorial on transforming your PC fully to JARVIS, which includes a dashing look, additional desktop features and voice response!

6. Get your data into the cloud

Problems never knock the door before entering, so make sure that you are prepared. Your data can be lost anytime due to any reason, and no antivirus is proven to secure your PC to the fullest. External hard disks can be lost or broken anytime. Thus, the best way is to store your files (especially the important ones) into a cloud storage service. While using premium service is recommended, you can even find free cloud storage providers.

I would recommend MediaFire, as it provides a user with 50 GB of free storage. MediaFire also has applications for use in computers and smartphones which makes accessing information easy!

7. Create your own Online Radio Station

This is my favourite! You can create your own online radio station and enjoy the freedom of your voice. You can share your feelings, your knowledge or anything you want to. Moreoever, you will be paid for placing audio advertisements in between different episodes. You can choose your time of broadcast.

This topic is detailed in terms of explanation. Check my post How to create your free online radio station and get all the information you need.

8. Create your own blog

Create your own blog and start sharing what you know in a particular topic. You don't have to worry about what it is. Just keep in mind that content is all what matters!

Note that you don't have to blog just for money. Most bloggers start their blog just because of their passion. Blogging has many advantages. You become popular on the web, your words gain importance, you make some money and your writing skills develop. Blogging is an ongoing process. Even the top bloggers are still learners. Thus make sure that you continue blogging for few years minimum and don't quit!

9. Be heard

Join Spreaker, a website that can share your voice and be heard. Share your composed music, your songs or even podcasts. I feel it to be a lot fun when your voice is heard by thousands of people. Just imagine how proud it feels!

10. Enjoy free communication services

The use of internet opens access to many free services you wouldn't find elsewhere. Here, I will be narrowing this topic to only communication related free services.

With Skype, you can talk to other skype users for free. If you are interested in sending free SMS, go for Ultoo or Way2Sms. If you want to call someone for free, try fcall. Likewise, you may find many other services like these and enjoy free communication.


These were my tips that will help you to make the most of your computing experience. I hope you liked them. Do let me know your views in the comments section below.

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Friday, March 07, 2014

Can we really trust Telegram app, WhatsApp's new rival?

Telegram has been in the spotlight these days, all because of its features. Telegram is a free Android messaging app with features which might sound impossible, as there are no traces of the app getting any profit! There have been messages on WhatsApp telling that Telegram is stealing user's personal information and peeping at the chats. Is it the bitter truth? In this post, we will be discussing the reasons which contribute to Telegram being doubted and the facts which prove it to be trustworthy or fraud!

Telegram - Who found this messaging app?

The Telegram app is founded by two Russian Brothers - Nikolai and Pavel Durov, with an aim to create something that is really secure and fun at the same time. This is what they say is their aim! They worked for 18 long months on Telegram is a research project.

Top reasons why Telegram is blamed

1. Messages flying around WhatsApp

There have been messages forwarded to many WhatsApp users stating that Telegram is a fake application. It stole my data or Telegram is not a good choice or something else. Though there have been no proofs which can truly help to say that the app is really fraud, people are blaming it just because their friends messaged them, or you can say, forwarded the message!

2. No traces of company's profit

As I mentioned earlier, Telegram is a free for all messaging app. Unlike WhatsApp, you don't have to pay any amount anytime. Moreover, In-app purchases are non-existent. This creates a doubt among the people that Telegram is using their information and chats in some or the other bad manner to make money. Once again, there are no proofs for this accuse!

3. A website creates the feeling

A website, titled Unhandled Expression, has shown evidences in one of their articles proving the app to be insecure. The article is somewhat over the head for normal audience but it is particularly successful in creating a bad impression about the app. But Telegram has given proper replies and all the glitches have been cleared. This is what can be observed on the page. You can view the article by clicking here.

4. Secret chat features adds to the blames

Telegram has created a name for itself by introducing the Secret Chat feature. It means that we can start a secret chat in which the messages are not stored in any manner on the cloud and they can be deleted anytime to remove the traces of them. Some blame it by saying Telegram is enouraging the people to share private details by giving false promises and misusing the data!

So, its Trustworthy or Fraud?

We have seen all the reasons why Telegram is blamed, but we also see that there are no evidences for any point. Moreover, telegram is a open source app and anyone can have an inside view of the app. This means that telegram is safer than any other app of the kind. The founders have also said that whenever they are in short of funds, either they will be asking for donations from their users or including in-app purchases in the app. Moreover, Telegram has been ranked #1 app for many countries. Telegram also has better features than WhatsApp. But no messaging app till date is 100% secure. Suppose if someone gets physical access to your phone, the security will be useless. Thus this factor can be taken seriously by the app developers......


We discussed many factors that blame Telegram and also discovered that there are no proper evidences. What do you think? Is Telegram safe to use? Which is the best messaging app? Do let me know in the comments section below.
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