Xiaomi EXPOSED! Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy Xiaomi Mi3

If you've purchased Xiaomi, you might be feeling proud for buying the so-called best smartphone at a remarkably decent price.

On the contrary, if you haven't, you might be pondering over your bad luck, for missing such a mouth watering opportunity.

Before I begin my argument, I would like you to watch my presentation below. It shows Xiaomi's journey to what it is today.

(Do let me know whether you liked my presentation or not in the comments section at the end of the blog post)

If you're concerned about Xiaomi, you might be knowing that last Xiaomi's Mi3 sale went over in just 5 seconds, claiming to sell 20,000 smartphones!

Here is what Xiaomi tweeted out to its fans:

But, can we believe in everything said?

Suppose if I tell you as you're reading this post you're being hypnotized and are soon going to throw away the device you're using to read this blog post, would you believe me?

Certainly not!

Let me show you a snapshot of Cyber Exim's trade report showing Xiaomi's total sales:

Just sum up the total amount they received for selling 134442817+133113893 and then divide it by Cost Per Unit (Rs.13,999), you will get something around 19,112!

So, they haven't even sold 20,000 units in total. How come can they sell this much in just 1 day?

This is really good for Flipkart, but they have lied to us all. The question which arises now is that:

"Why did Xiaomi lie?"

The answer is pretty simple. They want to increase their sales the next time they're back in stock!

Let me thank Ashish Sinha from NextBigWhat, for revealing this in public in this article.

But, does that really matter?

Okay fine! Its clear that they're trying to fool us. But why is that we shouldn't buy Xiaomi?

Is specifications everything to be looked for in a smartphone?

If yes, then those cheap Chinese OEMs would be ruling the Indian smartphone market!

But, specifications is just one part. What we want from a smartphone is A GOOD USER-EXPERIENCE, and of course, validity.

The truth is not hidden! My friend Abdul Ghani collected some reviews of Mi3 customers over the web in his blog post:

The problems are just too many!


WAIT! There's another issue!

Mi India's service centers are just present in 20 cities of India! Check the full list here.

Even if you have a minor issue, you will have to catch up with them at distant places.

The secret behind Xiaomi's success

To know the real reason behind Xiaomi's extreme success in Indian markets, you first need to get the answer to the below question:

"How is Xiaomi selling its products in India?"

The answer is - "Via Flipkart in flash sales."

Another question which might arise now is - "What is a flash sale?"

Let me explain through Xiaomi's example.

Xiaomi made the sales available only through Flipkart and that too for a few seconds and promoted this punchline - ONLY FEW THOUSAND UNITS LEFT

This made the people get attracted towards the company.

People love limited things, you know?

It would take another 1000 words to explain their success story. So kindly read this article by Mohul Ghosh on Trak.in (Just click here to open) as soon as you finish reading this one!

In the words of Mohul Ghosh:

Xiaomi created an artificial scarcity to produce real demand in the market, and such was the gigantic effect that people were actually complaining that they couldn’t get their hands on the specific ‘desired’ product!

Got the answer?

Do you still think its worth buying?

If I were you, I certainly wouldn't!

Let me tell you, I purchased Sony Xperia E3 Dual at the same price as that of Mi3, and I am totally happy with it!

At least, I won't have to run to far off places just to get a minor defect cured!

Let's play the game safe. None of us have the money to waste at such products!

But still, the choice is yours.

Help me out!

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Let everyone realize the bitter truth! Save your friends and family!

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CouponzGuru Review: Discount, Deals and DHAMAAL!

Are you satisfied with the amount you save while shopping?

If you're an Indian, you're sure to find a bargainer at every shop. We Indians are actually determined to save money!

Who in this world doesn't like to save money?

You are neither Bill Gates nor Warren Buffett!


You browse through various online shopping websites, probably Flipkart or Snapdeal and watch out for products.

Many a times you buy those products, but you don't save a penny.

You can't find offers whenever you want over there, can you?

Well, if you talk about me, I SAVED Rs.1000 WHILE SHOPPING ONLINE RECENTLY!

I had to purchase 3 of 32 GB Memory Cards. The cost was Rs.1250 each, which resulted in the total of Rs.3900, including the shipping costs.

But I was smart enough to save money.

Want to know how much I actually paid?

Just Rs.2760!

Below is the proof:

In this post, I am going to introduce you to a website where you can do just what I did. Yes, I will show you how to save money online!

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CouponzGuru: Discount, Deals and DHAMAAL!

As the title suggests, CouponzGuru is basically a website which actually allows us to save money online.

Their animated character, known as "Guruji" is said to be their deals guru who shares latest deals and discounts with their regular readers.

Quite funny and amazing too!

You might wonder how this happens. Let me explain how this awesome website works.

How CouponzGuru saves you money!

I will go stepwise.

1. Online shopping websites have a habit of launching various discount coupons and deals, such as Flipkart Coupon Codes and Snapdeal Coupons

2. CouponzGuru collects all the deals and coupons of over 50 online shopping websites and gives them at a single place!

3. Money saving people (you will be one soon!) open CouponzGuru and get a deal for whatever they want to buy. Due to such a wide range, they save money for almost everything they buy!

By now, you should have understood how valuable this website can be for you!

So let me show you how you can save money with it!

How to use CouponzGuru to save money online?

1. Open CouponzGuru.com

2. Its now time to pick a deal. Either use the search bar or browse through the home page deals and find one which suits you.

For example, suppose that you're interested in buying shoes for yourself. You might look for a deal like this:

3. You will find a button corresponding to each and every deal you find. Just click on it. If its a discount code, you will be given that, or else, you will be redirected to the seller's page where the deal will already be activated!

That's it! You can save money in just three magical steps!

Advantages of CouponzGuru

I don't think there is a need to talk about its advantages!

Disadvantages of CouponzGuru

Everything in this world has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Thus, CouponzGuru is bound to have some!

Below are some of them:

Your take

CouponzGuru is indeed a good website which can be used to save money.

I guess this knowledge should be shared, isn't it?

Help me spread the good thing! Share this on Facebook, Twitter etc.!

I know you are smart enough to do so, but I couldn't stop myself from asking you the same!

I am waiting!

Images Source: CouponzGuru, Google Images

GIVEAWAY! Win Rs.2000 Straightaway Cash!

It gives me immense pleasure to announce a giveaway of Rs.2000 cash on TechProbeX!

Yes, it is a genuine giveaway!

It's been quite long since we had a giveaway, isn't it?

So, without wasting much time, let me begin.

How to participate?

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What's the prize?

As mentioned earlier, the prize is Rs.2000 cash. However, to make sure that everyone gets a fair chance, I have distributed the money in the following manner:

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CupoNation Review: Save Money While Shopping Online

What procedure do you follow while buying in the local shops?

You reach over there, ask for your products and the most importantly YOU ASK FOR A BARGAIN!

Of course its true!

And there's nothing wrong in doing so!

Who in this world doesn't like to save money?  (Except you are amongst those who have a lot of it in excess!)

Bargaining is now a specific feature of Indian diversity. The below infographic proves it:

But, wait! Today's era is of sitting at your sofa and getting things delivered. The shop now resides online, mate!

Can you ask for a bargain while shopping on Flipkart or Snapdeal?


That surely doesn't mean that you shouldn't rely on online shopping. Online shopping has its own set of advantages, which you will never find offline!

I have another solution for you! Believe me, its far better than the traditional bargaining.


Online Shopping websites have 4 to 5 new deals daily, where you can save 25%, 50% or even 90%!

The problem which now arises is that the deal of the day may not suit your requirement!

For this, let me introduce you to a freakingly awesome website known as CupoNation.

CupoNation: Coupons and Deals for Online Shopping

CupoNation is basically a website which basically gives you access to all the coupons and deals of all the top online shopping websites and also many restaurants!

Thus, you have a whole suite of deals and discounts. From clothing to furniture, from laptops to hard disks, from CDs to home theatres, there is a deal for everything, anytime or anywhere you wish to gain access to!

You will surely be happy if you get a Rs.1000 off coupon code for watches when you actually need to buy one!

Or how about receiving a discount of 70% on different accessories?

Wait! There's still more! A pizza fanatic would surely love this:

Isn't it fantastic? Just think over it! If you buy products worth Rs.5000/- monthly and save 40% on an average using CupoNation, this is how much you will save:

40/100 x 5000 = a WHOOPING Rs.2000 (I am quite good at calculations, you know!)

Think once again! How much can you buy with so much money?

A brand new sports accessory? Branded cosmetics? A computer game?

What about donating some part of it?

The list goes on, endlessly!

How to use CupoNation to save money?

2. The top offers are visible on the homepage. Browse through them. If you find one that suits your requirement, move to the next step. Else, keep searching. Remember that browsing through the categories is the best way of finding best deals.
3. It is now time to receive the discount. There are basically two ways in which you receive discount: a. via Deal or b. via Code.

If you encounter a code, just click on the code button. You will receive a discount code shortly!

If you get a deal, click on the deal button. You will be redirected to the associated website, with discounted prices!

4. If you received a code, enter it at the end of checkout!

5. Enjoy your savings!

Tip: Try opening all the deals of a particular online shopping website, for example, Flipkart Deals.

Congratulations! You've saved money! That too, in 5 simple steps!

Why is CupoNation better than its competitors?

The very first time I visited this website, I was attracted by its unique features. Of course, all coupons websites regularly update their databases with deals from top websites, CupoNation has some cutting edge features.

Availability of Exclusive Deals

With CupoNation, you are open to some deals and discounts which can't be found anywhere else! They are EXCLUSIVE deals of CupoNation. So, you've got pre-existing deals of top websites along with some unique deals as well!

Deals of all top online shopping websites + Exclusive offers = MEGA SAVINGS!

Availability of Restaurant Deals and Coupons

This feature is rarely found in CupoNation's competitors. With CupoNation, you can save money on eating as well! There are coupons available for big restaurant chains like Dominos. What else do you need?

We now have a new trend: SAVE MONEY WHILE EATING

Free Surprise Coupons!

If you subscribe to their newsletter, not only you receive latest deals directly to your inbox but you also get a free surprise coupon. Thus, its like getting paid for a thing which benefits you! Awesome, right?

This is what I received as my surprise coupon:

Still can't believe my words?

I know there are some whose minds still have a doubt. Have a look at what other people have to say about CupoNation: (Source: Google Reviews)

What are you waiting for?

CupoNation has well-established itself and is one of the most trusted deals provider of India.

You are saving a heck of a lot of money with this.

What are you waiting for then? Start shopping, NOW!

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How To Use Facebook Without Internet (Absolutely FREE)?

Who doesn't know about Facebook?

Facebook, the #1 social networking website, rests in the minds of everyone, at least the Americans and Indians.

But, along with joy, it brings with it cost of internet.

And the people who just pay for using Facebook feel their money to be going wasted!

Nobody would hunt for free Wi-fi zones the whole day, would you?

You might not have thought of a solution. Who has the time for it?

Don't worry!

My situation was earlier similar to you. This made me reach out for ideas to accomplish this goal.

Before I introduce you to the solution, just imagine how your life will be after receiving its benefits.

You would be using Facebook anytime you wish to, you will enjoy all of its features and the best part, YOU WILL ENJOY IT FOR FREE!

How would it be?

Of course, you won't save much! Something is better than nothing.

And besides, what are you losing with this?

So, here we go.....................

How to use Facebook without Internet?

  1. Dial *325# from your phone.
  2. You will see a message like this:
  3. Just press OK and wait for another response
  4. You will be asked to enter your e-mail address associated with your Facebook account. If your phone doesn't support entering text via USSD, enter these details from another devices, preferably a smartphone. Make sure you change your SIM card temporarily, else the number associated with smartphone will gain access to your account.
  5. Its now time to enter your password. Make sure that it is correct, else you will have to start everything once again.
  6. If the number from which you're doing this is not associated with your Facebook account, you will be asked if you would like to associate it. Reply as per your requirement.
  7. That's it! You will now be able to access Facebook whenever you dial *325# from your phone. Moreover, you will receive notifications directly on your phone!

Note: For some services, the charge is Rs.2 per day. You will be asked whether you want to access those features or not.

What are you waiting for?

It feels good to use this feature right?

Your friends would be jealous of you for sure!

How awesome it is to look for such awesome tricks, right?

So, what are you waiting for?

Awesome tricks tend to stop working any moment. Do it fast or you will miss it!

Do you know a similar trick?

If yes, please let me and the others know too! The comment box below is the best place for this!

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Moto G Alternatives: Here Are 8 Of Them!

Moto G created a wave in the android market. It changed the opinion of the Android customers. With its outstanding features and regular updates, it has won the heart of many purchasers. Google purchased Motorola, with which this device was launched. Now, Lenovo owns Motorola.

Here is what my friend Abhishek Tavasalkar has to say about Moto G in one of his posts:

You should be knowing that Moto G is available only at Flipkart Online Store.

This makes the device inaccessible for many.

Why? Because many don't trust online shopping due to problems associated with replacement.

Also, there are some areas where Flipkart takes a remarkable high shipping cost. There are also some where it doesn't ship at all!

Let me tell you, Moto G is permanently removed from Flipkart.

It is now time for Moto G2, baby!

UPDATE: Moto G2 has arrived! The device now has a lot to offer! Its priced at Rs.13000 on Flipkart.

Now, in such a situation, don't you think there is a need to reach out for its alternatives?

For this purpose, I have decided to share not 1, neither 2 nor 3, but 8 of Moto G alternative smartphones. Hope you will like them!

1. Lenovo S660 - The Best Moto G Alternative

This device is one of the greatest competitors of Moto G. The features are almost same. There are four noticeable differences:
  1. Larger screen size (4.7 Inch vs. 4.5 Inch)
  2. Not the latest android (4.2 Jellybean vs. 4.4.2 KitKat) but I think the device will be upgradable
  3. Better Camera (8 MP vs. 5 MP)
  4. Lacking a better display (qHD vs HD)

I personally have this device at my house and I can say that it is freakingly awesome and an awesome alternative to Moto G. That is the reason why I consider this device as the best Moto G alternative.

Another reason is that smartphone battery is a major concern to me.You can read about improving your device's battery by clicking on the below link:

The price of this device is Rs.10800, which is less than that of Moto G.

BUY NOW: Rs.10800 on Flipkart

2. Sony Xperia E3 Dual SIM - The second best alternative

You can't forget Sony!

With 1 GB RAM, 1.2 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, mediocre camera, Android v4.4.2 Kitkat, you can do anything you wish to with your device in this price range.

I like this device because of the additional features provided by the company. You can realize them only after you buy this device.

Do you think I am joking? Well, I have purchased this smartphone for myself! Its working really well,

You can expect a review on my blog soon! STAY TUNED!

3. Xolo Q1100 - The Indian "Killer"

Xolo Q1100 - Moto G Alternative
The Indian brand is also into the game! Xolo Q1100 is one of the toughest competitors of Moto G due to the fact that it is far cheaper than the latter. The phone is quite stylish and is far better than Moto G if you trust this brand. The only minus point is that the android version is 4.3 Jellybean and not Kitkat. But though, it is worth buying.

Oh, and how can I forget two major plus points:

  1. Larger Screen (5 Inch vs 4.5 Inch)
  2. Better Camera (8 MP vs 5 MP)
BUY NOW: Rs.11000/- on Flipkart

4. Asus Zenfone 5 A501CG - The new game-changer

Asus Zenfone 5 - Moto G Alternative
No words for this device! It has 2 GB RAM, 5 inch screen, Android v4.upgradable to v4.4, Gorilla Glass 3, 2110 mAh battery, and a 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom processor. I am just amazed by looking at this features. And the price? Just Rs.12999! Amazing, huh?

5. Sony Xperia M - Its good, but the no.2 is better

Sony Xperia M - Moto G Alternative
Sony smartphones have always worked awesome for me and I think Sony truly deserves the crown of best smartphone developer. Sony Xperia M comes with 1 GB RAM, 4 Inch Screen, 5 MP Camera etc. The device is a great alternative to Moto G for the Sony lovers and has a great plus point of Sony's attractive UI.

Sony manufactures optimized devices, just like Apple. Even 1 GB RAM is enough for a Sony device to work flawlessly.

The problem with this device is its screen size. Nobody would like to have a titsy-bitsy smartphone, would you?

6. Gionee Elife E3 - Gionee makes it, everytime!

Gionee Elife E3 - Moto G Alternative
How can I forget Gionee when it comes to finding an alternative? Elife E3, which comes with a 1.2 Ghz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB Internal Memory and a stunning 8 MP Front Camera can be a great alternative to Moto G. Gionee is a good manufacturer with a dashing UI. I think Gionee is a great rival of Samsung.

Fact: One of Gionee's devices, Elife S5.5, holds the record of being the world's slimmest smartphone!

7. Micromax Canvas Turbo - The second Indian brand

Micromax Canvas Turbo - Moto G Alternative
The features are quite good, better than Moto G. The difference is of RAM (2 GB) and Camera (8 MP). But I would insist that you shouldn't buy Micromax. There are two big reasons for it. Click on the below link to know why:

Here's why I don't prefer Micromax

8. Karbonn Titanium S5 - Forget the brand, and you have it!

Karbonn Titanium S5 - Moto G Alternative
Almost the same features as that of Canvas Turbo. But the price is just Rs.8000. But I placed it last because of the poor smartphone quality of Karbonn's smartphones. If had to choose a Moto G alternative, I would take it as the last option left.

Of course, this device is good specification-wise. But I won't guarantee its validity! 

BUY NOW: Rs.8000/- on Flipkart

Your take

Moto G has now got many great alternatives like the ones you saw on this post. There are still many more, yet unexplored.

I know that you know at least one of them! Why not share it in comments? I seriously like having them!

I also know that you are smart enough to share this valuable post. Your friends would surely like this!

Spread The Love!

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