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If you’ve purchased Xiaomi, you might be feeling proud for buying the so-called best smartphone at a remarkably decent price.

On the contrary, if you haven’t, you might be pondering over your bad luck, for missing such a mouth watering opportunity.
Before I begin my argument, I would like you to watch my presentation below. It shows Xiaomi’s journey to what it is today.

(Do let me know whether you liked my presentation or not in the comments section at the end of the blog post)
If you’re concerned about Xiaomi, you might be knowing that last Xiaomi’s Mi3 sale went over in just 5 seconds, claiming to sell 20,000 smartphones!
Here is what Xiaomi tweeted out to its fans:


But, can we believe in everything said?
Suppose if I tell you that you are going to witness a belly dance at the end of this post, would you believe me?
Certainly not!
Let me show you a snapshot of Cyber Exim’s trade report showing Xiaomi’s total sales:
Cyber Exim's Trade Report - Xiaomi Exposed - TechProbeX

Just sum up the total amount they received for selling 134442817+133113893 and then divide it by Cost Per Unit (Rs.13,999), you will get something around 19,112!

So, they haven’t even sold 20,000 units in total. How come can they sell this much in just 1 day?

This is really good for Flipkart, but they have lied to us all. The question which arises now is that:

“Why did Xiaomi lie?”

The answer is pretty simple. They want to increase their sales the next time they’re back in stock!Let me thank Ashish Sinha from NextBigWhat, for revealing this in public in this article.

But, does that really matter?

Okay fine! Its clear that they’re trying to fool us. But why is that we shouldn’t buy Xiaomi?

Is specifications everything to be looked for in a smartphone?

If yes, then those cheap Chinese OEMs would be ruling the Indian smartphone market!

But, specifications is just one part. What we want from a smartphone is A GOOD USER-EXPERIENCE, and of course, validity.

The truth is not hidden! My friend Abdul Ghani collected some reviews of Mi3 customers over the web in his blog post:

Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


Xiaomi Mi3 Review - TechProbeX


The problems are just too many!


WAIT! There’s another issue!

Mi India’s service centers are just present in 20 cities of India! Check the full list here.

Even if you have a minor issue, you will have to catch up with them at distant places.

The secret behind Xiaomi’s success

I don’t want to go deep into the principles of human psychology. In simple terms, Xiaomi created an artificial scarcity in the Indian market. The basic funda here is – Whatever is in scarce, is perceived to be of higher value by the people.

Simple principle, gigantic outcomes :-).

Do you still think its worth buying?


Don't Buy Xiaomi Mi3 - Keep Calm Meme

If I were you, I certainly wouldn’t!

Let me tell you, I purchased Sony Xperia E3 Dual at the same price as that of Mi3, and I am totally happy with it!

At least, I won’t have to run to far off places just to get a minor defect cured!

Let’s play the game safe. None of us have the money to waste at such products!

But still, the choice is yours.

So, what should you go for?

Don’t be so choosy, there’s an array of smartphones to choose from, and the number is bound to grow in the coming years.

The smartphones priced around Rs.15,000 have always been the choice of the common man, because of the neither cheap nor expensive price and the features likewise.

Thus, almost every reputed smartphone company has a smartphone in this price range. And believe me, due to fierce competition the specifications are pretty awesome.

One of the main smartphones in this range is the Moto G. Its features are identical to Mi3 too!

Since both of them are identical, I would strongly recommend you to check out my list of top Moto G alternatives. It is where I have talked about and compared various smartphones under this range!


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  1. I personally do feel that its a good phone or maybe but the truth is it isn't what it looks like. And at last its still a chinese product. In fact in this budget I would definitely go for moto g.

    Anyways Yashraj, its a nice article. Kudos!


    • Hi Shaswat,

      What looks isn't everytime what reality is. Even I would opt for Moto G, or even better, Xolo 8x-1000!

      Thanks for the appreciation!

      I wanted to ask you a question – Have you tried this smartphone out? If yes, can you share your experience with it?

      Have a nice day!

  2. Simply diving the amount by 13,999 wont give you the exact stock details. If that was so simple why would they have marked it with star? We can easily retrieve the data. Isnt it?
    14k is the selling price of the phone. And the quantity of the phone can be found out by diving it with the selling price which can even be as low as 5k.
    Think a bit on this and you will get to know what I mean.

    • Hi Saswat,

      Okay maybe the calculation won't be accurate. But still, we will be able to get the estimated quantity, won't we?

      Even if the value is more or less 20000, it's not the sale of one single day!

      I hope its clear!

      Have a nice day!

  3. Hi Yashraj,

    You wrote an awesome eye opener post. It will be very helpful for new customers who are planning to buy this phone.

    Anyway thanks for sharing,have a nice week ahead 🙂

    Abdul Ghani.

  4. I was too amazed by those news that Xiaomi sold xxx units in just 5 seconds. blah blah!!! and bought a Redmi 1S. 🙁 Hope I don't have to face any problems in future. Anyways Thanks @Yashraj for providing this information. Now I will not suggest anyone to buy Xiaomi products!!!

    • Hi Sahil,

      Welcome to TechProbeX! I hope you will have a great time here!

      I don't actually know about Redmi 1S and its build quality. Of course, not all products are bad!

      I am happy to see that your views on Xiaomi have been changed!

      Have a nice day!

    • And how about now? Did you face any problem with your redmi 1 s? My Moto G that bought at the same time as my friend’s redmi already face many problems such as throttling, randomly overheating, very lag and broken screen while my friend phone doesn’t face any of these issues and he said that he still satisfied with his phone till now meanwhile I really want to change my phone. My option was whether another Moto phone, Sony or Lenovo. But now I choose xiaomi phone to be my next phone.

  5. the truth is always somewhere in the middle. you say this, they say that. i agree on some of your points, but not on all. been using mi3 since July, yes, initially a lot of firmware bugs, but now much better.

    • Hi Jabon,

      Maybe you're right about the fact that the truth is hidden. The point to think over is that, "If Mi3 is really a good phone, why did Xiaomi lie?". Any good thing doesn't need bad means to promote.

      Just think over it once!

      Thanks for commenting. Have a nice day!

  6. Xiaomi is a great brand, please if you don't want to buy then don't buy but don't say bad about it. That person who cannot hear the voice of the caller tell him to increase the volume of the phone. I bought 2 MI3 , till now it hasn't given any problem. To talk about fake gorilla glass, touch and screen damaged due to heat. Nothing such like that. I played games on it for 1 hour no lagging no bugs. If you want to say that some got faulty piece or defective piece then what about apple iPhone 5s, they also gave some defective piece. If you are jealous of that phone then go. For your kind information I myself own a xiaomi redmi 1s

    • Hi Rushikesh,

      Buying an Mi3 is a gambling sort of approach. If you're lucky enough, you get a good smartphone. Else, you are left with a crappy box that's of no use.

      Do you know the reason behind Mi3's success? Its their HUNGER MARKETING STRATEGY!

      They make the buyers waiting for the smartphone. And whenever they're back in stock, people just pounce on them! I just wonder why don't people think before leaping.

      Think over it!

      Have a nice day!

  7. Hi, this is my review after 2 years. On 2014 I bought Moto G while my friend bought redmi 1s. Now, my Moto G have many problem like throttling, overheating (almost 50 degree Celsius), even the proclaimed gorilla glass 3 already broken. While my friend’s redmi still as fine as new. I wanted to buy Moto x play or Sony phone for my next phone. But now, I think I will choose mi5 to be my next phone.

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