Many of my dear readers must be trying to make money online. But, let me tell you that over 90% of the online money makers do not get a single payout! It can be due to many reasons, one of them being a fake site. In this post, we are going to compare two websites: a legit and a fake one and pick out some signs that can help us detect if the website we are using to gain something is fake or not.

Comparison: (Fake website) vs (Genuine website)

Here we are going to compare GetMonthyPay and NeoBux that will help you to find out the points of difference by sight. Yes, one can detect a fake site sometimes just by looking at it. Let us have a look at both of the websites’ screenshots!
Note: GetMonthlyPay is now, which is also fake! Website Screenshot


CashnJob website screenshot


We observed quite a few things. One that the fake site (GetMonthlyPay) does not have an attracting look, while the genuine site (NeoBux) has an appealing look. (Note that one cannot be entirely dependent on looks for judging) Second point to consider is that the fake site has a lot of mistakes in the text. Its contact us page also proves that it might be fake. You must have noticed some button like widgets on the footer of NeoBux like McAfee secured, Paypal, Payza, which proves this site is ceritified and it really pays!Thus, with a bit of observation, we can justify whether the website is genuine or not! Let us recall these points, along with a few more:

The 7 Signs: Things to look into identifying a fake website:

  1. Scam-Advisor Risk Percentage: Sites like offer their risk percentage, i.e, score of how safe a website is in percentage! 0% means the worst condition and 100% indicates the safest one. Sites with more than 60% score are usually genuine.
  2. Scam-Advisor Reviews: You can have your say for a website or have a look at other people’s reviews on the particular website you want to judge. People’s views are the most important. They help you judge directly.
  3. Payment proofs: Most make-money websites give proofs of their payment to their users. It is impossible for a fake website to prove this. Thus, having a careful look at the payment proofs is an effective way of identifying and judging.
  4. Looks: This point cannot be brought into practice always, but it is true that most genuine websites have attractive looks, which make the people run behind them while most fake websites talk about thousands of dollars in their home page. If you feel the website boasts more than it should, it is likely that the website is fake!
  5. Text-mistakes: Genuine websites will not have a single word of mistake in their text while the fake ones are full of grammatical mistakes. I don’t know why but it is true! (If you know the reason, let all know it! Please leave a comment on this post with the reason. Your comments will be appreciated!)
  6. Contact page: Fake websites don’t give away their full contact info. Usually they have fake email address and even a fake contact number. Many a times they just give away the email. All these signs prove that the website might be fake!
  7. Verified widgets: Genuine websites have an important feature, the widgets by top verification companies, indicating that the website is verified. When you see these signs, give a pat on our back and say that this website is genuine and can be beneficial!


These were my warning signs that helped identify a fake site. Do you have any better ideas? What is your opinion? Do let me know the answers in the comment section below. (Your comments fuel me up to write more!)


  1. mr. yashraj
    i had gone through ur 7 tips to cross verify, but still not satisfied.
    any way just show some proofs of payouts to any indian experts who claimed the money from neoboux site as paid to click advetisements.

    hope you will guide me to get really good & genu.. site to work for.
    i also want to earnn some good cash for my family needs.
    if you r the experts from finding genu… sites to work for..

  2. neobux is fake too. I was using it from two years.
    I had invested 5000rs( 1000 pm) just to buy refferals. Referals were fake. They stopped clicking ads.
    My money was burning alive in front of my eyes.
    Even one of my refferal suffered the same. Now it's one year after i stopped using it.
    Now i feel that i am saving mone.
    Previousl, i had wasted my valuable time, money, internet bills on neobux. A total of 15000 is a waste along with 2 years of my valuable time.
    So guys, stop using ptc , go to work. I challenge, you can make better money than this.


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