How To Setup & Optimize Counter-Strike 1.6 Server

So you’ve got some real counter strike FPS ninja buddies with you and looking for blasting some real shots, making frags, and enjoying the day! You have probably arrived at the perfect place! In this guide, I will be sharing how to setup and optimize Counter-Strike 1.6 server without any hassles.

Okay. Enough of reading time now its time to take action, but control your nerves and curiosity. Follow this guide patiently, I hope this one won’t be disappointing you. I will try to explain the methods in a crystal clear manner.

To run a Counter-Strike 1.6 lag-free server. you need the recommended specifications:

Remember this is not the minimum requirement to play the game but rather the requirement to host a lag-free (32/32 players) counter-strike 1.6 server.

Recommended specifications:
-2.0 GHz dual-core processor (Minimum)
-2 GB DDR 3 RAM (Minimum)
-Having a Graphic card is certainly an advantage it will manage the strain of the CPU and RAM
-Recommended upload speed to handle the amount of players without any lag

Upload Speed

No. of players

60 Kbps 4
120 Kbps 8
250 Kbps 12
500 Kbps 16
1 Mbps 20
2 Mbps 24
4 Mbps 28
6 Mbps 32


There are totally 3 types of servers:

  • Dynamic IP server
  • Static IP server
  • Virtual Private server

Difference between static and dynamic IPs:

When a device is assigned a static IP address, it does not change. The device always has the same IP address. Most devices use dynamic IP addresses, which are assigned by the network when they connect. These IP addresses are temporary and can change over time.

Here is how you must setup counter-strike 1.6 server:

1. Go to “C” drive then create a new folder and name it as “steamcmd

2. First download SteamCMD:
and extract it inside C:\steamcmd folder (now don’t open it :P) just create a shortcut for steamcmd.exe at desktop

3. Make a notepad file (txt file) by copying the below code and save it as hlds.txt inside C:\steamcmd folder.

// hlds.txt
@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 //set to 0 if updating multiple servers at once
@NoPromptForPassword 1
login anonymous
//for servers which don't need a login
//login anonymous 
force_install_dir .\hlds\
app_update 90
app_update 90 validate

hlds txt#4. Now again go to desktop then right-click on “steamcmd.exe” shortcut then click on properties then change the target address with this address
C:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe +runscript hlds.txt.

SteamCMD.exe Properties

Now click on apply and then click ok ! Then run it 🙂 ! It will start downloading. (you must wait a bit)

DownloadingSuppose if you get an error saying Failed to load script file ‘hlds.txt” then just remove the line in Target Box, open steamcmd and manually write the commands:

login anonymous
force_install_dir .\hlds\
app_update 90
app_update 90 validate

Then check the size of the folder steamcmd at “C” drive, it must be atleast 752 MB if the size is not of 725 MB don’t worry, open “steamcmd.exe” file again at desktop it will continue downloading it.

#5. Now go to C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike then create a notepad file (txt file) and name it as “steam_appid.txt” then open the txt file and just type “10” in it and save it.

Steam_appid.txt#6. Now go to C:\steamcmd\hlds\ then make a shortcut for the file “hlds.exe” at desktop.
Then right-click the hlds.exe shortcut file at desktop then change the target address with this address
C:\steamcmd\hlds\hlds.exe -game cstrike -console -noipx -secure +port 27015

hlds.exe propertiesNow click on apply and then click ok !

#7. You need “fix.bat” file this file will fix server side issues automatically.
Now download fix.bat file:
then just run it as administrator 🙂 it will install in a second and you don’t need to copy it to any directory.

Follow the steps below to make your counter-strike1.6 server compatible with both steam and non-steam players:
#8. Now go to C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike and create a folder and name it as “addons” and open “addons” folder and create a new folder inside it and name it as “Metamod”
Now download Metamod: and extract the “metamod.dll” inside the zip to C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike\addons\metamod

#9. You need a file called “plugins.ini” to make your server compatible for all players.
Now download plugins.ini file: and copy it to C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike\addons\metamod

#10. Now open the file “liblist.gam” and now you have to edit the file just add this line of code at end of the file: gamed11 “”addons\metamod\metamod.dll” and save it
liblist.gam.txt#11. Now download Dproto: inside “dproto_0_9_548” there will be amxx folder, bin folder, dproto.cfg and readme.txt 😀
#.10 Now go to C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike\addons and create a new folder and name it as “dproto” and then go back to extracted “” location and open bin folder there you will find two folders one is linux and another one is windows.

If you are a linux user then you have to open linux folder and copy the file “” to C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike\addons\dproto

If you are a windows user then you have to open windows folder and copy the file “dproto.dll” to C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike\addons\dproto

#12. Now go back to extracted “” location and copy “dproto.cfg” file to C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike

Finally you are done setting up the server 🙂 Now your server is compatible with both steam and non-steam players. To run the server you just have to open hlds.exe shortcut at your desktop. Now to find your Counter-strike 1.6 server IP address go to and you will find your IP address. Your IP be shown on that website it will be something this
IP address

Now you have to add the port number at the end it is 27015 in my case 🙂 ! so I will add my port number at the end of my ip address”” so this is the IP address which you must give to to your friends to connect your server.

Now to bring players to your server you can invite your friends to join your server by sending your IP: (OR) you can add your server IP address to counter-strike 1.6 server directories like Setti and Gametrackers to bring tons of players 24/7 automatically for free to your server like a boss 🙂 To handle the server with 32/32 players without any lag you have to buy a super cool high-performance virtual server, you can get high-quality VPS at cheap rate with static IP address from sites like Vultr.

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BONUS: How to submit your server to cs1.6 setti:

Visit to add your server:
#1. First select Counter-Strike 1.6 (v48) which submits to steam directory
submit to Setti

#2. Then select Counter-Strike 1.6 (nsd) which submits to non-steam directory
submit to SettiHow to submit your cs1.6 server to gametracker:

Visit to add your server:
Submit to gametrackerNow your servers are listed on big directories so obviously cs1.6 online gamers will connect your server 😀 !

I tried my level best to make this post easy to understand in a crispy manner if you still think its a bit difficult to do, You can break it down furthermore easier by watching this youtube playlist:

Hope you enjoyed this detailed guide on how to setup Counter-Strike 1.6 server. If you have any doubts regarding this guide please drop your comments below. I would love to help you 🙂 ! I hope this guide is worth a share on your social media profiles 😉 !


    • Hey luka,
      Its because of your bad steam game client 😉 Get the legit one from steam or get a good cracked one 😉 ! will be glad to help you in future 😉

      warm regards,
      issac paul

  1. when i am trying to open hlds.exe from desktop shortcut its showing

    no IPX support
    couldn’t exec listip.cfg
    couldn’t exec banned.cfg

    like this and server not opening. please help

    • This means nothing except that you have not banned anyone yet, so there is no ban file which contains details of the hacker like IP address, player name, steam id 😉 Nothing to worry about it 😉 no IPX support is a config its not an error. If your hosting HLDS through Steam build then server can be operated only by commands you won’t see any GUI ! Server will opened if you’ve followed all the steps correctly just share your IP address to your buddies then its done 😉

  2. i followed exactly the way you said it but after tryin to run the hlds shortcut i get
    no ipx support
    couldn’t exec listip.cfg
    couldn’t exec banned.cfg

    can you help me with it…i did everything you said..

    • Hey buddy,
      The solution for your questions lies in my previous comment 🙂 Hope that helps if not do drop your comment again I’ll be glad to help you 🙂

      Warm regards,
      Issac paul

  3. Hi Issac,
    I tried everything step by step. Finally when I try to run the hlds shortcut , I checked my IP address in WhatIsMyIP . But when I try to add my IP server to setting server , it is saying that no info from server. I’m using wifi router to connect to the internet. Can you please help me on this.

  4. Issac Paul , i done everything . so when i want to play how ?
    just open the game and make a room ? then give ip address to my friend then they can join?

  5. i tired this guide step by step but when i try to connect to server it steam client is legit and my cs 1.6 is legit so what could be wrong?

  6. Pfff… that’s its not woking Isacc. when i run hlds.exe apear somthing black and disapear for few seconds.
    Maybe problem is because i haven’t find “liblist.gam”. HELP ME PLEASE ISACC…:( 🙁
    I have followed all steps but you don’t tell us where to find “liblist.gam” file. I think there’s problem why i can’t join my server now 🙁

  7. And something Isacc.. There was not a file cstrike in hlds.”C:\steamcmd\hlds\cstrike”.I was forced to create file “cstrike”. Help me plss Isacc.. 🙁


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