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Are you like this guy who trusts Micromax completely?

Micromax Positive Review - Yahoo Answers

Or are you someone who is still confused whether to trust the company or not?

Through Canvas 2 and Canvas HD, Micromax has been able to develop trust amongst their customers. But does the story end here. Do you smell something fishy?

In this post I am going to disclose 2 important reasons why buying devices from micromax wouldn’t be worth it.

1. Micromax purchases their devices from a Chinese OEM

This point might arise a question in your mind. Till now you might be thinking that Micromax is an Indian company. Of course it is true, but it doesn’t manufacture its own devices!
Yeah! Micromax purchases its smartphones from a Chinese OEM, adds their software, rebrands the device and sells it in the Indian market. Smart huh?
This fact also means that there is no difference between a Micromax and a Chinese device except the software you’re getting and after-sales service.
Want a proof? Let me prove my words with the device, Micromax Canvas 4, the successor of Micromax Canvas HD.
Micromax Canvas 4, like other Micromax devices is a rebranded Chinese mobile. Have a look at the two pictures which I found:
Micromax Canvas 4 and Blu Life One - Front


Micromax Canvas 4 and Blu Life One - Back


The above pictures make it clear that both the devices, Blue Life One and Canvas 4 are the same. But do you know why? This is because both the companies purchase the device from the same Chinese OEM!

2. Micromax offers worst after sales service

You might be knowing this fact.
When Micromax entered the field of android, why did people criticize it?
Because of their poor after sales service, which was the same before.
Did you know that the service centers of Micromax are not many, and they often take a lot of time to repair.
The service centers don’t take proper care of the devices. They also return many of the smartphones as they were before, without repairing them!

What should I go for?

If you want a smartphone for long term, make sure that you buy from a company that manufactures powerful hardware. As a rule, it is vital to remember that no matter how strong the software is, if the hardware is dumb, the software is useless!

Android, is a really great operating system, but it needs good hardware to function. Better blacklist certain companies from your wishlist!

That’s all folks!

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  1. first time on your site..and sersly your site z amazing..i m going to bookmark it..and yeah micromax phones are not worth the price..I vil share my experienc, I have the Mmx canvas A110 whose processor become dead after 13 14 months of use so i m not covered in warranty and loss of total rs10000 in just one year..i thought it was just in my case..then i purchased Mmx canvas colours but its touch become faulty after 3 months of use, i give it to service centre and they give it to me after 25 days.. Again after 3-4 days of receiving mobile the touch become unresponsive. i again go to service centre now they said that that there is a fault in the processor and touch as well. I waste 3 months in service centre..so i m now going to buy nokia x2 after reading the review on the same site…Dont buy micromax phones if you want to invest money for log term durable phone..

    • Hi Shenky,

      Thank you for the appreciation you've given to this blog. It really feels good to see you here.

      Its sad to know that you are amongst the ones suffering from Micromax's poor build quality and after sales service. And yes, I am happy as well because my review of Nokia x2 helped you to choose the right device!

      Just one question. Will you share this post? I would really be on the skies if you would!

      Once again, thanks for coming here! Have a nice day!

  2. Totally Agree with you. Yes Micromax has worst after sales service but yet people buy it because of its attractive specification at low price.
    Anyways you could also mention about their camera which says 8MP and more but are not worth 5MP; And thanks for this great post. We appreciate your effort and time in it.

    • Hi Alok,

      Yes, its the after sales service that makes Micromax's devices behind.

      I would have talked about the camera issue but I guess though its not superior its not inferior too. You can call it as MODERATE. I think its enough for its price.

      Thanks for the comment! Have a great day ahead!

    • Hi dude,

      Yes they are! Its the story of almost every Indian company. They are not actually into manufacturing smartphones!

      When Android phones had begun to sell like hot cakes, and Samsung was benefitting extremely from the Indian market, these companies decided to get into the competition with rebranded OEM smartphones, which are really really cheap as compared to the smartphones from quality brands, such as Sony and Samsung.

      I hope I am clear!

      Have a nice day!

  3. I seriously doubt if xolo manufactures phones here in India.they are owned by laava who themselves brand OEM Chinese phones and sell here.yes they are tied up with Intel but still the phones have typical Chinese feel to it.

    • Hi Solariser,

      Hmmm. I read somewhere that XOLO manufactures their smartphones, but I don't know who owns the company.

      I have used Micromax, Karbonn and XOLO and while comparing, XOLO ranks the first, Micromax is second and Karbonn the last!

  4. Hi Yashraj,

    I'm a techno blogger and I would love to know your opinions on Gionee and Xiaomi, the two Chinese brands which recently entered our markets. Which one is the most hated and loved by the Indian consumers?


    • Hi Vivek,

      Good to see that you're a tech blogger too!

      Xiaomi is both most loved and most hated too!

      Xiaomi introduced cheap smartphones with awesome specifications, and so, the whole Indian market started purchasing their products.

      They created a feeling of scarcity by introducing flash sales, and this created a impact on the customers, who inturn, rushed to grab their smartphones.

      But, when Indian Air Force warned people not to use Xiaomi as they send back data to their servers, things started getting worse!

      This gave a slight impact on their sales. However, there was a major hype after people found evidences accusing their quality. You can read the below post where I tried to expose them:

      Xiaomi EXPOSED! Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy Xiaomi Mi3

      And as of Gionee, they weren't able to create much hype in the market. But Gionee Elife S5.5 went really well, and hopefully Gionee Elife S5.1 will too!

      Have a nice day!

    • Hi Dinesh,

      Welcome to TechProbex! 🙂

      Who doesn't know about Karbonn? They are the brothers of Micromax! I found their smartphones even worse!

      But if I would get a chance, I would get a post against Karbonn too!

      Thanks for your comment, have a nice day!

  5. Hello Sir i liked your article very much. Actually i am Pro Swadeshi so decided to purchase Micromax smartphone. But you opened my eyes. After reading your article i got that all internal parts including OS will be made in china and only Micromax make re-branding of it… Thanks for your article. Now i am deciding to buy Lenovo A6000 which has lot of fantastic and awesome features in low price. Flipkart is selling it. Can you please tell me about performance of Lenovo smartphones and their after sales service? Please reply ASAP because I registered for it recently…

    • Hi there,

      Lenovo is a good company. Their after sales service is also good and they even provide OTA updates after purchase!

      I don't think you will have any problems with Lenovo! Go for it!

  6. hey Yashraj,
    i want to know between micromax yureka and asus zenfone 5 which one is better..?
    as i have completed my 12th and want my 1st smartphone under a budget of 10,000.which one do u recommend and also any other if u can suggest.plzz reply

  7. hiii

    we discussed earlier about nokia x2ds. than mobile is quite good but now i have issue abot connecting to PC via usb cable at that time you suggested me FOXFI. i m using it.but the problem is when i connect device to pc it can charging automaticaly and as usual i open my computer to transfer data from memory card or from phone memory…but in few seconds or in 2 minutes copy items are sotopped or not responding.i have cahnged 2 branded usb cables ,i have checked out at nokia care but same problem occured even charging is going on but data transfer is not responding after few minutes. data transfer is possible when i turn on display when copy is going on after screen lock it is not responding by device.we have to discoonect device.
    pls give me solution if you have…
    my email id – [email protected]

  8. You are right yash i always know that but no one any of my freind trust me thay always says this is real desi phone than facing may problem with their micromax devices like usb not conecting or some os problem like when they resat the factory so device working with some lag so thay go for service center im very happy to i choose galaxy s2 that alredy spand thair 4 year without any lag and issue and always supported by a big android comunity always up to date

  9. Well I bought mmx canvas hue 2. It has a side panel which must be pulled out using a metallic gear to insert or remove sd card and a micro sim card. While I was removing the panel the pins of sim card connector of my device got caught in the panel and as I pulled it out, the pins were uprooted. I took it to customer service center where they refused my warranty and blamed it to be my own fault they also told that the whole motherboard of the system would have to be replaced costing me same as that of a new device. Now since the pins themselves got trapped with the pannel it was much more a manufacturer faults. They told that for any repair on this device I would require to send it to Delhi office…. Even for a battery replacement as this is a back panel sealed device. Recently I mailed the head executive of the company in this regard and still waiting for a reply.

    I had purchased micromax canvas hue 2 instead of Lenovo k3 note only because it had a customer service centre in my locality. But after that meeting they made it clear that I have to send the device to Delhi for any kind of repairs, even for battery replacement, as it is a back panel sealed phone.

    Being yourself a tech blogger I need your help to create a blog on this to save peoples who are about to spend aprox 13,000 for nothing.

  10. My experience with MICROMAX service center is best. They do well compere to author company.
    I bought mobile q394. In few days its get yellow spot on the display screen. I went to the local service center, they send my mobile to the company and say 15 days for result.
    After 13 working day MICROMAX company replace me new mobile.
    So I want to say, the company after sales service is very good. Go for it.

  11. Hey Yashraj,
    Happy to meet you.. 🙂

    Wonderful discovery by you indeed.. I agree with your all point of views about Micromax mobiles. You have gathered very well information about this phone, you know.

    I am really confused using this devices from many times but nobody support me. But today you have removed confusion from my mind. I have learned many new bad things about this mobile like this company buys devices from chinese OEM.

    Its a matter of great shame on this brand that it do not makes devices by own.

    Thanks for conveying a beautiful informative messages.. 🙂

    Have a great day ahead..
    – Ravi.

  12. I bought a doodle 3 and its earphone jack stopped working within 8 months.The camera is way too bad.I now use a Samsung A7 2016 and not having any problem whatsoever.

  13. Same happened with me…i bought a canvas 4 in 19000/- when it was newly launched..it was working good, but after 13-14 months it failed to connect mobile network…service center told me this is a waste now or i had to spend 5-6k for repair bcoz its warranty had expired…even after some time this crap phone stopped all its working…this is a dumb device now…

  14. Never go for Micromax… I had very bad experience of this company.I went o authorized service center of Micromax to change the motherbaord of mobile and they replace my original display with faulty one.Even he tried to stole my mobile battery.This was his misfortune that my dad capture this and he has to give me original battery back. When i complain about it he said that your mobile display was not working so i replace it for free.. Non of the business man sell the things for free. If you leave in Kalyan,Maharashtra Then request you to not go for micromax it’s not worth for money and serice is very much pathetic. If you try to complain about service center then they will take your complain and will say that our senior will get back to you and they will never come back.

  15. I have purchase a micromax a120 phone and with in 1 month of time the phone stop functioning and I have wisted the service center and I could see a lot of people who have same problem “guys please don’t spend money on these phone it’s total dump shit”

  16. Agree with your views totally. The service center damaged my phone. And surprisingly the phone (Canvas Knight) cranked exactly after a year, the charging point was not working. Also software issues. Miserable quality, disgusting after sales service.

  17. I used canvas 2 it was nice because of that I recently purchased canvas 5 its useless phone its quality is worst. Three times sent to service centre finally that replaced to after damaged mobile. After sales service worst don’t go for micromax, if other brands sells 500 or 1000 is more not a problem. Buy brands mobile micromax equals to china mobile.


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