Nokia X2 is the new successor of the Nokia X series, which includes X, X+ and XL smartphones. It is the fourth device of Nokia in the X series. It aims at two things:

  • to cover as many negative aspects as possible of its predecessors; and
  • to make it budget-friendly (i.e, to keep as minimum price as possible)

What you’ll learn in this Nokia X2 Review

In this review, you will be going through the detailed specifications of Nokia X2. I will also be sharing my opinions within the review about the device. I will also be disclosing the pros and cons of the device and what would make it good for you! At the end, I will also explain some of its alternatives so that you can have another choice always!

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Let’s have a look at Nokia X2 specifications:

The General Stuff


Nokia X2 - The successor of the Nokia X Series
Nokia X2

Nokia X2 is a dual-sim smartphone with a capacitive touch screen. It is available in four variants: Bright Orange, Bright Green, White and Black.

Operating System

If you are thinking that it is an android device, then YOU’RE WRONG! The operating system is Nokia X Software v2. This is the case with all the devices of the X-series.
But don’t worry! All the android apps and games are supported in this device. The alternate operating system makes two differences:
  • Totally different User Interface (difference in home-screen, menu etc.)
  • Addition of Fast-Lane, which lets you access your favourite apps smoother and easier

Processor, Memory and Storage

Nokia X2 is backed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, dual core processor, which is quite decent at its price. The RAM is 1 GB and the internal storage is 4 GB. The storage can be expanded upto 32 GB.

Screen Size and Resolution

The screen size is 4.29 inches. The resolution of the device is 480 x 800 pixels. It supports 16 M colours. The screen size is acceptable and the resolution too!

Battery and Standby Time

The battery of the device is 1800 mAh, which is sufficient for this screen size. The company claims that it would last for 552 hrs (2G).Though the claim seems to be fake, I don’t think there will be any issues with battery.

Google Services

Services such as Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail etc. are COMPLETELY ABSENT in this device. However, you can download them anytime you wish to!Quite shocked?


The primary camera is of 5 MP, with an additional secondary (front) camera. But don’t underestimate the camera quality. Public reviews have indicated that the camera is of pretty high quality and quite near to HD.Note that more megapixels doesn’t mean a better camera. Camera quality is entirely dependent upon lens size and quality.

Other features

Like every other smartphone, Nokia X2 offers internet connectivity, email, 3G support, bluetooth, etc. It also supports various multimedia features, which are quite unique.

Just like the lumia series, you will find Nokia Maps using which you can access the maps even when you’re offline! This feature makes this device a cutting-edge smartphone.

What is good in Nokia X2

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4 GB Internal Storage (Ideal according to the price)
  • 4.3 Inch Touchscreen
  • Offline Maps
  • Secondary Camera

What is not good in Nokia X2

  • Nokia X Operating System
  • 5 MP Camera
  • Unattractive looks
  • Complicated User interface
  • Absence of Google Services
Therefore, it would be a good device for you if you are a low-end gamer, ordinary business person or a simple android user. It won’t be good if you are a high-end gamer, business person who needs many running apps, in need of simple user interface.


It was launched in India at the price of Rs.10,000. It is a very very cheap device with such decent specifications.However, the current price is Rs.7500. Grab it before it goes out of stock!

BUY NOW: Rs.7500 on

Nokia X2: Good or not?

Nokia X2 has brought in exceptionally good features for such a price. But still, it sounds overpriced to some! It should be understood that Nokia’s quality can’t be underestimated. Of course you know how sturdy Nokia’s feature phones are! The company hasn’t forgotten to add a touch of quality in any of its smartphone.

It is important to keep one thing in mind. Nokia has been with us for years with its hard and strong feature phones. Nokia is known for their quality. You should check my post where I exposed Micromax and other companies who are deceiving us with their mouth watering specifications. Click here to view the post. This will help you to understand what I am talking about.

Thus, in my opinion, Nokia X2 is DEFINITELY WORTH A BUY! Believe me, you surely wouldn’t regret it!

Smartphones in its comparison

Due to tremendous increase in the competition, there are many other smartphones in Nokia X2’s comparison. Here are just two of them.So, if you are not interested in Nokia X2 due to dissatisfaction from any of its feature, you should have a look at this:

Moto E

Moto E - Nokia X2 Alternative
I was surprised to know what kind of questions people were asking in comments:
A comment on Moto E
This made me brainstorm a bit.
I took a keen look at both of their specifications, and was shocked to find out that BOTH SHARE THE SAME SPECIFICATIONS.
But, as you know, Nokia X2 is not pure Android. Moreover, the price is not the same.
Thus, you’re left with two options:
  1. If you want a cheap smartphone, go for Moto E.
  2. If you want an Android-Windows mix, having the smooth design just like Windows with the other features of Android, go for Nokia X2.

Sony Xperia M

Sony Xperia M - Nokia X2 Alternative

This device offers relatively same features. Sony Xperia M can be considered as one of the top competitors of Nokia X2. It has 1 GB RAM. 4 GB Storage, Android v4.1, Expandable Storage etc. There are no noticeable differences in the features as compared to Nokia X2.Click here to check its full specifications

Xolo Q1000 Opus

Xolo Q1000 Opus - Nokia X2 Alternative

How can I forget Xolo? Again, this device offers the same features as that of Nokia X2. If you don’t want Nokia’s UI then I recommend you to try this one out. The screen size is also comparatively large. I preferably like its battery, which lasts for a whole day, sometimes even more!As said earlier, Xolo is an Indian company. They’re price conscious and believe in offering more at less prices.

Click here to check its full specifications

Conclusion: All in a paragraph


Nokia X2 is an ideal device at its price range. With its 1 GB RAM, you will experience smooth flow of apps. There wouldn’t be any major glitches associated with its performance, except the complications that might take place with the user to get used to the entirely new UI. The 5 MP camera is somewhat disgusting, but the cons are overlooked with features such as offline maps, presence of secondary camera etc. One important thing to look at is that Google Services are completely absent from the phone!

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  1. hi dude iam karthik
    i have planned to buy this nokia x2 mobile.but i have some doubts regarding to live wallpaper. is live wallpapers already update in new x2 mobile or we shold update the phone for live wallpaper support

    • Hi there,

      WhatsApp can be installed from the Nokia Store that comes by default.

      Alternatively, you can download Nokia X Tools, which will let you download Play Store from where you can get WhatsApp either.

      If you're still stuck, let me know!

      Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Yash from starting day i wont get any info abt system updates bt after ages i try to upgrade x2 rm1013 2.0 to 2.1 its
    stucks when i click check update its shows u r already updated the current version is 2.0… U got any idea on this.
    I checked it using lumia recovery tool its work bt i want to upgrade it using OTA cause its fast thanks… Rply if possible thanks Monnaks… Cya…

    • Hi there,

      Without any doubt, I would certainly go for Moto G2!

      Its awesome in terms of specifications, and is getting the latest Android L upgrade too!

      If you can spend 14k rather than 10k for a smartphone, go for it!

      Have a nice day!

  3. can nokia x2 dual sim camera be a good scanner to scan from papers and books well? I mean can the camera be abale to focus in a good conditions? and take acceptable pictures?

    • Hi Reza,

      No doubt, Nokia X2 holds a good camera, but I don't think it would be useful to scan papers! You should opt for a smartphone with a good camera, or even better, get a scanner!

      Have a nice day!

  4. Hi Yashraj,
    You are doing a great work…I really appreciate it…
    Hope you will answer my query also…
    All I want to know is that…
    You said…
    The operating system of Nokia x2 is Nokia X Software v2. This is the case with all the devices of the X-series…
    AND also It has no google services…
    Then how it works as android…
    I want to know How NOKIA X SOFTWARE v2 is linked to ANDROID?…

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for the appreciation. I am really glad that the post was worth reading!

      Nokia X Software v2 is internally based on Linux and is a modded version of Android Jellybean. Thus, it supports all Android apps!

      Its a combination of the Windows phone's awesome UI and Android's app center!

      I hope I am clear!

      You can surely ask for more!

      Have a nice day!

  5. Hey Brother

    This info is really worth a reading.
    U have cleared my many doubt & Now i m very firm to buy a Nokia X2 dual sim phone.
    But one thing is again and again confusing my mind.
    If this phone is not an Android phone. How does it work properly for android apps ?
    And one more thing is all this android apps available on Nokia suite.

    Thanks for your above info.

    • Hi Mahesh,

      Thanks for the comment! You're awesome!

      The operating system, Nokia X v2, is based on Android Jellybean and thus, supports Android apps.

      Nokia store will surely cover most of the apps, but if you still want Play Store, then you will need Nokia X Tools v1.2.

      Have a nice weekend!

  6. Loving my Nokia X2.
    The 5mp camera is actually quite good, contrary to the review of other users. I even use it to take pictures of some documents.
    Never had a hard time using the windows ui.
    Thumbs up to this review.
    Nokia X2 has its pros and cons but considering its price and quality, it's definitely worth a buy.

  7. Hi Yash

    Thank u for ur reply.
    Once again I am posting my comments with some question.
    I have also checked online HTC Desire 816G Dual sim smart phone.
    It has got very good spc. as far as price and brand concerned.
    13MP camera, Quad core 1.3Ghz, Kitkat, 5.5" screen, etc.
    I need ur smart tech review on this.
    Plz respond.
    I agree its prices are very much higher than X2 so it cant be
    compare. (2.5 time costlier than Nokia X2)
    But I go made by seeing all those features.

    Thanking you
    Mahesh H.

    • Hi Mahesh,

      Simple thinking: If you're willing to spend more, go for HTC Desire 816G!
      If you aren't, go for Nokia x2.

      But still, if you want to know smartphones competing with 816G, let me know! I will help you out!

  8. Hey bro the review was well I am confused between nokia x2 and the newly launched lava fuel 50 which is showing tremendous battery back up.i am a bit tilted on buying the lava bt will it be durable like 2yrs.pls give yr valuable opinion

  9. thanks for your valuable review on nokia x2. i am trying to buy this phone for last two days but after reading i think on it
    plz suggest me
    i want to buy phone upto Rs 7000 with trusted brand
    i want minimum 5 to 8 mp camera with flash, android version or more, long life battery minimum 2500mAh, and are able to run all latest apps

  10. Hi Yash

    Really very happy to see that you replaying to all question really great job.

    Hey even I have some doubts regarding X2, I like Here maps, but their position differs with location and satellite maps and also I tried to download google earth but X2 is not supporting google maps, is their any means of down loading and use google earth for navigation and I also like google earth

  11. hey please suggest me which phone shall i buy i mean which one is better nokia x2 or nokia lumia 535 introduced by microsoft company itself? there is not much difference in prize, but still confused which one to go for. have heard of touch issues about lumia 535. please suggest me which one to go for?

  12. I just Need A way To Connect To Internet Using My Nokia X2 Android As a Modem …
    I need to Connect to internet…on a PC running windows 7 64bit OS …
    Complete Guide will be Thankfull..
    Thanx In Advance…

  13. I have nokia x2. The camera is not so good. Flash doesn't help much. I have taken clarity photos with 2mp sony mobile. I am very much disappointed with camera as this has a vital role in my profession. Can you suggest a good camera app that can offset the existing.

  14. hii please suggest me. iam too impressd wid this phone display,touch n dsign i also purchased it 3 weeks before from snapdeal but while getting a call its display fluctuates so fastly where the caller name is shown, thats y i returned it but now i have no other options cause everything i need is present in this phone as i dnt need google services and other high end games just some usefull apps like temple run oz, mx player, snapspeed, chrome, some other games etc. and with rest of the things i can compromise.
    but tell me if this model has any problem with its software or hardware as i cant understand y that type of issue i faced previously.
    please suggest.

  15. hii please suggest me. iam too impressd wid this phone display,touch n dsign i also purchased it 3 weeks before from snapdeal but while getting a call its display fluctuates so fastly where the caller name is shown, thats y i returned it but now i have no other options cause everything i need is present in this phone as i dnt need google services and other high end games just some usefull apps like temple run oz, mx player, snapspeed, chrome, some other games etc. and with rest of the things i can compromise.
    but tell me if this model has any problem with its software or hardware as i cant understand y that type of issue i faced previously.
    please suggest.

  16. Looking to buy Lumia 535 but read comments and reviews over several sites and got confused that really should buy or not.Please suggest.

    Well i also shortlisted Lumia 532 but there is not LED Flash so changed mood to buy 535.

  17. Hi,
    Vijay here,
    I have updated my mobile software,
    Still google store is not working… 🙁
    What should i do for that???

  18. Hi Yashraj, hope you are still taking comments. I just got a Nokia X2 and i must say i have a few concerns.
    1. I have been unable to watch any other type of video on this phone except MPEG. i tried downloading video converter for X2 but it keeps saying cannot open file.
    2. I have been unable to download google play store even though the phone is a V2.1.
    3. I had to collect whatsapp through flash share. It is now asking me for upgrade but i have been unable to do that successfully. I will appreciate your quick response on solution because I am seriously thinking of giving out the phone.

    Thanks for the good work

    My name is Abbey

  19. Thank you for a great review and discussions. it is now over a year since the launch of the X2, do you still have the same faith in the phone?

  20. Nokia X2 Dual sim (DS) is one of the best phone for audio quality and picture quality, it really works well! And there’s no performance issues with this phone, I installed NFS MW game and it works well with great graphics…


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