Windows Speech Recognition is a great facility provided by Microsoft for Windows having version 7 or later. With Windows Speech Recognition, you can make your computer execute actions just by speaking. Meaning, you will speak and the computer will follow.Fortunately, this feature can be used to give almost every command to the computer and if you master it well, you can avoid the use of keyboard and mouse.

Let me say it again, this thing requires practice to work, and if you don’t have time to configure the things and train your desktop or laptop to understand your voice, better close this tab right now!

Setting up Windows Speech Recognition

Go to Control Panel>All Control Panel Items>Speech Recognition

You will be greeted with a welcome message which looks something like under:

Windows Speech Recognition Welcome Message

Press the next button!

Now you will be asked your microphone type. Simple choose the one you have. If you have an inbuilt mic (like I have), choose the ‘Other’ option.

Windows Speech Recognition - Choose Microphone

Press next again!

Now you will be given some instructions before your PC starts taking your voice. Press next here too!

Windows Speech Recognition - Instructions

You will now be asked to speak a sentence. Read it as clearly and slowly as possible.

Windows Speech Recognition - Speaking sentence

Congratulations! Your microphone is ready! You will see something like below:

Windows Speech Recognition - Finished Screen

Next, you will receive a message screen like below, asking whether you will allow the service to sneak into your documents and e-mail. The choice is yours in this step!

Windows Speech Recognition - Improving Accuracy

You will again be given two options. Speech Recognition stops listening when you say “Stop listening!” command. If you want to turn it on by pressing Ctrl+Windows key, go for manual activation, or, if you prefer giving the voice command “Start listening!”, choose voice activation method!

Windows Speech Recognition - Activation Mode

Another optional step! Choose whether or not you want to print the commands list.

Windows Speech Recognition - Print Reference Card

If you want the Speech Recognition service to start at your system’s start up, tick this box!

Windows Speech Recognition - Startup at System

Almost done! If you want to take the tutorial, you can choose to do so! However, it isn’t mandatory.

Windows Speech Recognition - Tutorial

Well, I would strongly recommend taking the tutorial!

How to get started?

Once you have completed the process, you can start using speech recognition. Remember, whenever you forget any command, just say “What can I say?” or and Windows Speech Recognition will open up a window that will show you all the commands.

If the command is not listed say “Show Numbers” and numbers will be shown on every option. Then say the number and then OK.

Final Words

What do you think about this service? I loved it!

Make sure that you take up the complete tutorial. I know it’s quite tedious but as the computer gets used to your voice with it, it’s actually worth it!

Do one thing now.

Share this post! Let your friends know about this thing too, and see who masters Speech recognition faster than the others!


  1. Hi,

    Can you tell me have you researched an wearable mics or bluetooth headsets? I realise the closer to your mouth the better but in a practical way a wearable mic would be better in my opinion.

    Also i have dragon nautural speaking, would this be better to use for accuracy?

    I want Jarvis to tell me the weather for the day like in the movie each morning at 8am & on comand. Do you have any macros to do this? Also it would eb cool if he could tell me the next train or bus tomes on command?



    • Hi Colin,

      I haven't researched on wearable mics or bluetooth headsets. All I would say on this is rather than buying bluetooth operated or fancy ones, focus on the quality of the voice.

      Sorry to say, I don't have any macros for this purpose! You can't beat fiction movies in real life! But you can check it in your desktop itself, anytime.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Nice article there.. 🙂
    A doubt though.. for ex. If I want to run counterstrike durectly by saying the word how to do that? I dont wanna be always going in the specific folders to run it..
    So how to do this?


    • Thanks for the comment, Fabian!

      You can be assured that this blog is 100% genuine. I don't deceive my readers, you will always find stuff here that is genuine upto my knowledge!

      Stay tuned!


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