Can anyone make serious money with websites like Points2Shop and SwagBucks?

Being a regular internet surfer, I come across various websites that offer money for tasks that don’t need a profession. These websites have attracted a lot of online surfers, and with their affiliate strategies, they are getting more and more people to join them. But do you think these websites really pay?

Well, many of them surely do! However, earning in those websites can really be a pain in the neck. That is the reason why most of the people leave them even before they reach the minimum amount to get a payout. Sounds sad, doesn’t it?

In this post, we will be discussing about Get Paid To (GPT) websites. I will also share whether they are genuine or not and how to make the most money out of them!

What are GPT websites?

Get Paid To (GPT) websites are those which pay for completing tasks such as giving opinion, watching videos, playing games, answering surveys, registering for a website etc. The main purpose of these websites is to give exposure to businesses who are willing to pay them and reward the users who complete the tasks.
The best part is that you don’t need a skill to make money through these websites.
Yes, you read it right! You don’t need a skill to make money on GPT websites.
Interested in making money? Read this post till the end for all the information and resources you need for this job.Want the post as a presentation? Check it out below:

Are they really genuine?

After reading the post till here, you might ask me that”

Hey Yashraj! GPT websites offer money to untrained people as well. Are these websites really genuine?

No need to worry. Most of the websites are genuine and they also include payment proofs and testimonials in their website to build trust with their users.

If you still have a doubt in your mind, check for payment proofs of some popular GPT websites by clicking here.

I will be sharing some popular GPT websites so that you have a list of some genuine websites for a kickstart.

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Common examples of GPT websites:

Points2Shop Official Logo

1. Points2Shop

Perhaps the best, and the most widely used GPT website. There are over 15 walls for choosing offers to make sure that you have a lot of offers and a lot of points as well. You get the reward in points which can then be redeemed for rewards from Amazon store or real cash. Here, 100 points = 1 USD ($). You get 250 points as joining bonus!
Swagbucks Official Logo

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another great website. You get paid here just by searching in their search engine! You just need to keep on searching different keywords and get the payout randomly. Apart from this, you can also earn by completing offers and answering polls. Swagbucks needs less work.
CashCrate Official Logo

3. CashCrate

CashCrate is recommended by many people around due to its range of rewards and offers. You are given $1 to get a kick-start. I, and even many others get attracted to this website because of its stunning looks which is lacked by many other websites of its kind! After going through this website, all I can say is it can compete very well with others and is far better than its competitors, just like Points2Shop!

Why do I strongly recommend Points2Shop and CashCrate over the others?

I have always recommended Points2Shop and Cashcrate over other GPT websites. This is because
  • they are personally used and verified by me
  • they have a wide range of offers and tasks to choose from
  • they are loyal, i.e, they pay for every completed task
  • they have a wide range of rewards and payouts
  • their support team is responsive and respects the users

Still need any more explanation on these two websites?

Can GPT websites be profitable?

All that I can say to this question is that it depends!
Yes, it depends on you!
Wondering how?
Well, it depends upon your willingness to spend time over the website and work.
Still confused?
I mean to say that, you need to work hard to get payout. GPT websites do need your time because there are many manual tasks as well.
You need to make sure that you don’t get bored while you are there because these websites have a fairly low payout.

Tips on making money with GPT websites

1. Be honest
Be honest while answering the questions. Do not answer incorrectly or without thinking in the greed of getting cash. It is possible that you might get drunk in your answers as sometimes the companies might ask the same question in a twisted manner to verify that you are being honest.

2. Go slow

Slow and steady wins the race. This is true even in the case of GPT websites. Make sure that you don’t go too fast while earning. Companies want you to go slow and steady. They are paying you for their own promotion or for knowing your opinion. Give them what they want and take away real cash. This is what you need to follow.

3. Clean your cookies

Download CCleaner – a free app that cleans your cookies and cache. This is important if you want 100% approval rate of the offers you complete!

4. Don’t use your real e-mail

Whenever asked for an email, enter the one you don’t use for other purposes. However, don’t give any email as you are sometimes asked to verify the email address you gave to get credit.

5. Give free offers the top priority

To make sure that you are not at the risk of losing your money, begin with the free offers. Go for the paid ones only if you trust the GPT website completely.

6. Be patient

You can’t achieve success at GPT websites if you are not patient. GPT websites are good for users ready for the long run and can spend time.

Disadvantages of GPT websites

I don’t like to fool my readers by hiding the second side of the coin! Thus, I would also be mentioning the disadvantages associated with the GPT websites.

1. They are time consuming

Most GPT websites are filled with offers that consume a lot of time. This is the reason why I have already mentioned to be patient. If you are not willing to spend time over there then they are not for you.

2. They have less payout rates

Although you get a decent amount in hand, you can’t get rich with GPT websites. It is not like a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is a long run to cross!

3. You might get bored with them

It might sound funny to you. People who sign-up at GPT websites are very enthusiastic at start, but their enthusiasm and willingness drop slowly as they get bored due to less payout! Make sure that you have enough self-control and you stick on to it!

My experience with GPT websites

Before I started blogging back in June 2013, I used to make some cash at Points2Shop. At times, I used to get bored because of the less payout and at times felt angry as well because I wasted a lot of time over there and didn’t achieve what I had expected.
With a detailed study on GPT websites, I realized that it is not for everyone, it is for those who have patience and time in the pocket.
If you are using Facebook, Twitter or something else on the internet, I would strongly recommend that you leave it and start making some money online, even if you don’t have a skill.
If you think you can write about a topic in which you have deep knowledge, you should try blogging. You can blog for no cost and make money too! Wondering how? Check out Adu’s guide on starting a blog by clicking here.
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What do you think about GPT websites? Would you like to share your experience with GPT websites? Then show me that you are alive! Let me know something in the comments below. I will make sure that I will reply to it!


    • Hi Rahul!

      Thanks for the comment and the appreciation you've given to this article.

      Oh! You've tried points2shop? I think its good to earn a decent amount of money if you don't have a skill. You can try CashCrate and SwagBucks too, if you wish to!

      Swagbucks is something different from the others because you are getting paid for using their search engine to search for different queries. However, you don't get paid every time which makes it a game of luck.

      Have a nice day!

    • Hi there,

      Its sad to know that you haven't tried these websites. I have seen many guys earning a lot from these websites, especially by referring others.

      But, its never late! You can surely try now!!!!

  1. hey bro nice blog but can u explain me how should i depend on them..
    i mean is it safe to give them my pincode emails etc details and how this works on the payment time
    i just wanted to know the whole procedure so could u please help me currently i am using swagbucks (give me some tips also )..i also tried cash crate but they wanted my postcode , address ,and other information. so pplease help me will i gave them my details or not try sending me mail as fast as possible also i dont have pan card or any other account of sbi cbi and cant make on paypal also so if i directly shop on amazoe or similar sites will this work
    also ur blog is nnice and osm keep it up bro……….waiting for ur reply

  2. Your article is very helpful to me and I find there are also some bitcoin PTCs where users can earn bitcoins online. I have written some reviews about bitcoin PTCs to show my opinion.


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