This post is one of the awesome ones. In this post, I am going to tell you how to make your own radio station with different methods (all methods are free of cost!). I will also tell you some tips to implement up in order to successfully build an audience and run your station efficiently.


Imagine the fun of having a radio station! It would allow you to express yourself to a large audience and also you can make handful amount of money if you advertise in it! In fact, it will make you famous. OK… OK…. That’s something you should think about later. First, let us focus on creating a radio station…..

1. Listen2MyRadio

Listen2MyRadio Official Logo
Listen2MyRadio is one of the oldest and most-widely used free radio services website. It allows you to express yourself to a maximum of 5000 people. But, looking at the hosting charges, it is more likely that you will have an issue while reaching such a huge number…….


No need to worry, it works fine for small base readers and you will surely enjoy your work once you get some fans right over there.

The site will provide you with a sub-domain to use for your site and the audience can hear you on their Windows Media Player. Hopefully this is good as most of the people are Windows users and Windows provides Windows Media Player by default!

You can sign-up for a free account at and create your free online radio station. Once you opt for creating, the site will automatically give you the instructions for marching ahead!

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2. Spreaker

Spreaker Official Logo
This one is my favourite. It is not exactly a radio station, but it is something better than that. It allows you to share your recorded matter to unlimited listeners with an advantage that they can listen to it anytime, and you don’t need a premium membership for doing anything.


You can log-in with Facebook to start (in case you don’t want to be in the hassle of signing up). And there’s lots more! You can listen to voices from your favourite category and get an inspiration on how to work accordingly. If you have your friends to join you it will be awesome because many hands make work lighter. Moreover, people love to listen to different voices rather that being bored because of the same one!


Sign-up or Sign-in at and march ahead (you know where you have to go!);



3. Radionomy

Radionomy Official Logo
Radionomy is one of the best ones but it has certain limitations for a free account. Like the others, it will create your free radio station and stream it online. If you can manage with a not-too-many-in-number audience, radionomy is a smart choice.


In addition to great customizing, it allows you to make money with what you share! It allows to pre-record and live broadcasting both with a huge content space for your work.


Read the guidelines at in order to get started with your free account, to understand their rules and to know about what they give you!


Over to you…….

Internet radio is something everyone would love about! I personally feel these three are the best ones. I may be wrong…. What do you feel? Which one suites you the best? Please let me know in the comments section below……..




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