'Scheduler for WhatsApp' Giveaway


UPDATE: Thanks a lot guys for your participation and love. Here are the winners:

1. Shivam Patel
2. Taushif Khakhu
3. Moin Jaliyawala

1. Atman Shah
2. Amisha Sahoo

1. Amit Kedia
2. Lakshya Hirani

Why just 7 winners instead of 15? Well, WE DISQUALIFIED ALL THE ENTRIES WHICH FILLED THE FORM BUT DIDN'T REVIEW THE APP. We announced beforehand that the entries will be manually checked before consideration.

But no worries. If you are willing to complete the steps now, use the contact page and we might give you a prize too!

We will send the promocodes to the winners shortly! Keep an eye on your e-mail!

Yes, you read it right! We are giving away premium upgrades of the very powerful 'Scheduler For WhatsApp' app. The best part? We have 30 unlock codes to give away!

​First, a brief review of the app:

What is 'Scheduler For WhatsApp'?

I want to keep it simple and straightforward. Scheduler for WhatsApp lets you schedule your messages to multiple contacts, spam them and have fun.

If you are a guy who curses WhatsApp for not having a 'schedule' feature unlike many of its counterparts, this app is going to cure a big headache for you.​ You will be the first one to wish your friend a "Happy Birthday!" or boost your boss's ego by wishing him "Happy Anniversary!".

What's inside 'Scheduler for WhatsApp'?

1. Schedule Messages: As many contacts as you want, as many messages as you want.

​2. Spam: Send repeated messages to your friends for as long as you want, with time intervals starting from as low as five seconds. I really had a nice time annoying my contacts while testing the app! (It works even in background)

3. Have fun!: Win your crush's heart by sending her a birthday wish at 12 AM sharp, or simply have fun by spamming your friends.​

How to configure the app?

Pretty simple. Follow the below steps:

1. Click here and download the official chrome extension. (You will need it to authenticate)

2.​ Open WhatsApp Web and scan the QR code with your phone. Details on configuring WhatsApp Web can be found here. (for newbies)

3. Run the extension while the window remains open. Another QR code will appear.

4. Open 'Scheduler for WhatsApp' and click on 'Authenticate'.

5. Scan the new code. And you're done!​

All this awesomeness for free?

Well, unfortunately no! (The developer deserves some credit $$$, isn't it?) The free version allows you to schedule upto 10 messages and contains ads.

But don't worry, because we have plenty of premium upgrades to give away for free this week!

GIVEAWAY: What's the prize?

We have:​

10 x Spam Mode Package (Allows you to beat the shit out of your friends!)

10 x Remove Message (or Group) Count Limit
(Go wild! Schedule unlimited messages to unlimited people)

10 x ULTIMATE Package
(The best of all. Unlocks everything, removes ads!)

Hell yeah! 30 prizes in all, out of which we will be giving away 15 prizes this week.

What about the rest 15? You will come to know as soon as the results are declared! 😉

Why should I participate?

Well, the app empowers you to do a lot of things which WhatsApp doesn't let you do normally. For instance, I have had great fun in spamming my friends (as well as my mom) with the help of "Scheduler For WhatsApp":

Spamming my mom

How to enter?

Follow the below steps:

1. Click here to download the trial version of the app.

2. Review it on Play Store.

3. Fill the below form: ​

The best reviewers (positive or negative) win the prizes. Winners will be declared on 18th March 2017


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