UPDATE: Google has now made Inbox public to everyone. So now you don’t need any invite to access this awesome service. Start enjoying at inbox.google.com 🙂
Inbox, the recent app launched by Google, an awesome replacement to Gmail, which simplifies the clutter in your inbox.
The whole world wants it. Probably you tried to get it too!
You probably have tried asking your friends for one, but ALAS! Their invites get over in seconds after they offer them in public!
You might have emailed to [email protected] to request one, but they take a long time to send an invite!
It feels really horrible to see friends posting snapshots of their inbox app. The stylish look, the clutter-free arrangement, the new design attracts you!
Is your situation similar?

The third method that you probably don’t know!

Well, there exists a method using which one can give away unlimited inbox invites!

The trick was released by WonderHowTo, and soon the masses followed on, writing the same thing on their own website.

Here is how it works:

1. A friend with access to Inbox adds your gmail account in their Android/iOS.
2. He first signs in to Inbox through is own account, and then, switches the account from his to yours.
3. He then removes your account from his device.

After trying this out, you can actually use Inbox from that account from any device!

Here comes the twist

The disadvantage of this trick, however is that, you need a friend who has access to inbox, to whom you can give away your credentials.

Let me tell you that you do have one friend who has access to Inbox and can do this for you!

Guess who?

Its ME!

Yes, I can do the same for you!

I know you might not feel like sharing your password to me!

If you want access to Inbox straight-forward and instantly, then SORRY! You will have to share your password with me for some time! (You can change it later on!)

But, if you are ready to wait for a bit more time, then I have another guaranteed to work method for you!

The indirect method

In this method, I will create a new gmail account, give it inbox access and give you the id and password.

As we all know, every Inbox user gets three invites to share the official way! But THEY TAKE UP A WEEK TO COME!

The golden invite button, comes to an account only after a week or so!

If you are wondering why can’t you use the switch accounts method once again, I want to tell you that the account which gets Inbox access using the switch accounts trick, can’t do the same!

In short, the switch accounts trick works for those who get invite either from Google or from a friend via official option.

So, if you want to try this indirect method, you will have to wait for one whole week to get the invite!

Which method would you choose?

I don’t mind which method you choose, it’s absolutely your wish whether or not are you willing to share your credentials with me!

Though the indirect method is a bit long, you can always try it out!

There is no harm with the direct way too!

So, how would you reach out to me?


If you are interested in getting Inbox access with my help, either from direct or indirect method, you need to follow the below steps.

1. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (any one!) When you share this, use the hashtag #TechProbeX (just type #TechProbeX wherever you share it!), so that I can actually know you are the one who did it!

(You can use the sharing buttons found at the end of this post to do it faster, but don’t forget to type the hashtag #TechProbeX)

2. Comment on this post with your Gmail id, place where you shared this post (Facebook, Twitter or Google+), the method using which you want to receive the invite.

Once done, I will contact you with the further proceedings!

Final words

How would it feel to make your friends jealous by using inbox and posting statuses on social networks like “WOW! The new Inbox app is awesome! I just love it!”?

Awesome right?

But you will need to action for that right now!

So, what are you waiting for?

Follow the steps, NOW!


  1. Hi Yashraj Kakkad
    I tried to message you on facebook but couldn’t….please inbox me if you can.I wanna discuss something with you


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