Are you a gamer? If yes, then you have heard about Counter-Strike. Of course, you have!


You simply love that game! Yes, the love for the game is so much that you don’t want to leave it!

You start playing it on public servers. You enjoy it!

You might even have got a place in one of the clans!

But you WANT YOUR OWN SERVER! You want your own clan!

You might not be able to pay for it. Maybe your parent’s didn’t agree!

Don’t worry! I have a trick for you to get Counter-Strike servers for free (Read it again!)

How did I find this trick?

If you are a gaming enthusiast, let me tell you that I was like you only, just 11 months back before I discovered blogging. My favourite online game, like many others, was Counter-Strike 1.6.

I used to play in public servers for a start. Then a clan spotted me and took me in!

While I played clan matches, I used to think about having my own servers and a own clan as well.

This took me to finding tricks to get free servers for the game.

It was silly in the beginning. I tried to go with HLDS (Half Life Dedicated Server). But we all know, they suck unless and until you have an internet connection that can sustain 32 players.

Then, the coin flipped and I found this.

Curious? Read on then.

Here is the trick!

Follow the instructions below, step-by-step. Believe me, they are damn simple!
1,Game-Servers offer game servers of various games for free for a limited time. Click here to visit their free games section.
2, You will now be able to see a range of game servers. You can also find the corresponding games in the list. In the right, you can see the availability of the server. If it is available, click on Claim Now!
3. You will now be asked with the basic details. Fill them all, and make sure that they are correct.
4. Now check your email for server details. You will receive something like this: e-mail
5. The server is reserved for you now. All you need to do is click on the link given on the e-mail and verify your claim.
6. The link would show player password, rcon password and other details you need to get started. You might want to have a look at the screenshot below: Dashboard Screenshot
7. That’s it! Now enjoy the server for your desired time.And the best part?

Disadvantages of this trick (and how to tackle them)

Just as every coin has two sides, everything has its own set of disadvantage. However, you can always tackle them!

1. Steam users can only join the server

The free servers provided can be joined only by steam users. Non-steam users won’t be able to join them, unless they have patched their game for joining protocol 48 servers.Click here to download the patch if you want to!

Wondering how to use it? Simply install it where you installed your Counter-Strike game. Then, simply start playing as you do always!

Note that this patch won’t work if you don’t have a clean copy of the game!

2. The free servers last max for 3 hours

You can use the free server only for 3 hours at a stretch. After the time period, they will be available for use by the others. Surely you can claim it again. But the player and rcon passwords will change. Thus, you will lose the current ongoing match.

BONUS! You can make money with it

Yes, the free servers can make you money!
Organize a paid tournament and invite clans to play. And when it comes to servers, use the free ones. Believe me, they are lag free and tournament can be held with it!
A tourney match won’t last for more than 3 hours. Thus, the free ones would work very well. Claim the servers for all the free matches and whenever you claim a server for a particular match, give the player password to the clan lord. The password is different every time
Thus, a tournament can give you chunks of money without any server. Make sure to offer a legit and valuable reward for the winner!
By the way, do invite me if you organize one!

Final Verdict

So, how is this trick? Did you like it?

I want you to return me the favor.

Yes. SHARE THIS POST! It will help your friends a lot! (It will help me too!)

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  1. Hey buddy,
    Its an awesome post as a gamer i love it. I played CS 1.6 few years will start playing after some time again i am curious to host my own server in CS 1.6, i was using hamachi + HLDS before for hosting my own server but that was unplayable with 10 players but now hope these servers provide me low ping will try it soon & thanks for sharing 🙂

    Issac paul


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