Fun Things To Do On The Internet When You're Bored
Fun Things To Do On The Internet When You're Bored

So, you have got a PC or a laptop or a smartphone with you! You have an internet connection also which gives you the freedom to surf the web at your whims! And you’re looking for some fun things to do online! 

The internet is a paradox! You feel like you’ve drenched yourself into this, and you need more! And more importantly, you need fun!

It’s 101 Fun Things To Do On The Internet – When You Wanna Waste Time When You’re Bored or WHATEVER!

Well, this list constitutes of a mixture of productive ideas as well as pastime ones. But yes, I bet they all are meant for fun.

Section #1: Do these mandatory things and you’re safe

Well, well. I know this section is not fun, but it’s something mandatory.

And as you’re bored, it’s better to first complete your daily tasks, so that you can enjoy without having any pressure on your head.

This section deals with some of the regular stuff that you do on the internet. Bear with me for this one. I assure you that there’s plenty of fun things to do online ahead!

1. Check your e-mail. Nothing on the internet is as important as checking your e-mail. Who knows if you have any important mail waiting for you, maybe an invitation, maybe a work offer, or maybe a mail from your boss?

2. Surf through your social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, are just to name a few – get updated with chunks of content every second. You probably have an account on at least one of these already.

3. Read your pending messages. Take your smartphone and read all your pending messages. Who knows you might find a message from your old friend whom you haven’t seen lately these days?

Who is the need of a boredom killer when you’ve a pending message from a friend with whom you can chat endlessly?

4. Give your gadgets some “MAINTENANCE”. Update your apps, open up your desktop/laptop and clean it from inside, clean up the phone/PC cover, get the mess out, and delete the junk files. Sometimes, cleaning up is also fun! (Sometimes only!)

Section #2: Let’s get Social fellas!

This section is dedicated to the social bees out there, who love to chat and interact online.Well, almost everyone do love this, but there are certain people who have an insane liking for social interaction! I dedicate this section to those people!

5. Try Omegle. Omegle allows you to chat with random strangers online. At the time of writing this post, over 24000 people were up online using Omegle. Take it as a good option when you’re bored. (They even have a mobile app)!

UPDATE: Facebook has integrated Omegle in Messenger. Thus you don’t even need to download Omegle separately!

6. Go to Reddit. Reddit contains some of the best content shared on the web. There are funny pics, awesome posts and what not! The homepage covers the best of the content and some of the subreddits allow you to interact and share your views! Subreddits such as WTF and Funny receive millions of views and engagement every day!

If you’re missing out reddit, you’re missing out a lot of fun! Reddit is awesome, reddit is insane, reddit is definitely a hot pick among the fun things to do on the internet.

7. Join Tumblr. Tumblr is like a cluster of blogs, with each user having a blog, where they can share anything they want. A good place for interacting with people and making friends!

8. Use StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon features some of the best webpages, and you can end up spending hours at this site!

If you ever get addicted to StumbleUpon, you won’t have to think about any other thing to do when you’re bored! Take this piece of free advice from a renowned StumbleUpon addict. 😛

Section #3: Because reading is just too mainstream!

This zone is for the audio-visual lovers out there, who believe in using the web for watching or listening only! (not to mean that they can’t read or whatsoever! :D)

I am not a big fan of these things since I prefer reading more. But that doesn’t mean I can’t come up with some ideas!

9. Go to YouTube. You already know about YouTube. YouTube is the best place to be for videos. You can have fun, learn, keep yourself updated, watch your favourite TV shows etc. YouTube has been the #1 place for killing boredom for many people.

Awesome? (I know you knew it! :-P)

10. Create your OWN YouTube Channel. Yeah, I mean it. There are many people who have taken up vlogging (video blogging) and undoubtedly, you can be one of them. Creating a channel is just one click away. Just spill your creativity and enjoy massive traffic, exposure and money.

11. Try YouTube alternatives. YouTube is not the holy grove of videos. Give some justice to DailyMotion and Vimeo and they will prove themselves.

PS: These sites have videos that have been banned from being broadcasted on YouTube.

12. Listen to music online. Nothing is as pleasing as listening to beautiful music. Of course then, it can be a great tool to harness when you’re bored. Spotify is a great place to get started!

13. Create your free radio station online. What? You kidding me? I am serious dude! I once tried to nourish my creativity and came up with this thought and even wrote an article on how to create a radio station. Click here to read more about it.

14. Upload your own voice online. Got some voice mate? Speak out then! You surely don’t need to be top notch for this, and you surely will have fun! Reverbnation can help you get started.

Not necessary that you have to sing for this thing! Instrumental music works great either!

15. (FOR INDIANS ONLY) – Try Saavn. Saavn is a great place to get your daily dose of Bollywood songs. Interestingly, they have a good database of regional songs too. Try it!

By the way, Saavn has got alternatives for almost every country and language, so you gotta try’em!

16. Watch Slideshares! Presentations (oft. called slide shares) are really great as they enrich you with information in a visual like manner. You can check my presentations on slideshare!

17. View Infographics! Infographics is the new buzz online! Infographics are big images with information filled up to the point and creatively. Check out and view some of the best infographics in the web, or even better, create some!

18. Listen to a book! Books aren’t just meant for reading if you use something called Podiobooks. It lets you listen some of your favorite books for free!

Section #4: Reading is mainstream ONLY UNTIL YOU READ THIS!

Reading is the best pastime

Blogs, e-books, feeds – or anything else you can think of under reading comes under this section! Who says that reading is boring? Well, this section will show some ways to educate as well as to have fun!I prefer the ideas from this section to consider as things to do on the internet for myself. Not just because I love reading, but also because it’s a great tool for enlightenment and entertainment!

19. Read this blog. You’re already doing this and I see that you like all this stuff! Why not spend more time into it then? I have over 50 posts for you and I bet you will love them all!

20. Read other blogs. What’s your topic of interest? Tech? Health? Sports? There exist thousands of blogs for every category. And guess what? These blogs do LITERALLY ANYTHING to entertain and educate their readers. So come on! Go to OnTopList (a blog directory) and find the top blogs in your desired category.

21. Read Wikipedia. Wikipedia is so good that it has information on any topic you are interested in. You already know about this amazing resource anyway. So why not utilize it?

22. Sneak into confessions! Read people’s confessions (or even send your own) at PostSecret.

23. Create your own blog! Reading fan? It’s time to create a resource yourself! If you can read, so you can write. Blogger is a great place to get started for free!

Pro Tip: Blogging is a vast subject and requires research before initiating. I recommend watching some webinars, like some from BlogWithJags!

24. Read an e-book! There are certain websites which ACTUALLY allow you to read some e-books online free of cost, and yes LEGALLY! (No Piracy, I mean it!)

25. Download TechProbeX’s Free E-book: Yes! We are giving away free copies of the e-book “How to Choose the Correct Smartphone?”. Do spend time reading it!

26. Digg it! Digg features some of the best content on the web. As their caption says – “What the internet is talking about!”

27. Try Tarot Reading! Oh! I know it isn’t reading specifically, but I added it as this section was going way too boring! You just have to choose 6 cards and they will answer questions such as what you think of yourself, what you need to beware of etc.

This subject is both exciting and mysterious, and you never know if the results are going to match! Give it a shot! Click here to try.

28. Time travel websites! Want to know how your favorite website/blog looked in the past? Want to read some content which is now deleted from the web? Try the Wayback Machine!

29. Go to ReadingOnline. ReadingOnline features a lot of (yes, a hell lot of) content from different categories. Try it once!

30. Try Feedly. Feedly is a great app to keep track of the latest content in your favourite blogs! Get it, and be assured that you won’t miss a single post from your favourite blogs!

And yes, once you get this awesome service, make sure that you add our blog name to your list, so that you can receive our updates!

I personally use Feedly to stay updated with what’s trending on my favorite blogs. Its so convenient, I get all the stuff I want to read at one place.

31. Read a random article! Many sites like WikiHow have this feature whereby you can read a random article.

32. Be a better reader. Admit it! Reading online is a lot different from reading a book or newspaper. Click here to read an awesome article on How to be a better reader online!

33. Finish this article! Hardly anyone finishes an article on the internet! Try and challenge yourself! Can you finish this article?

34. Print what you read! Studies suggest that you are more likely to remember printed content rather than reading online. Sure, it costs you (and also the environment), but if you want to put something in your head, make sure you have its physical copy!

35. Understand how people read online! Did I tell you hardly 50% of you would scroll down to the end of this list? Did you know you are among the very few fortunate people who actually READ the article till here? Congratulations my friend! Click here to know more about the reading habits of digital people!

36. Read Comics: Sounds cool? HelloComic is the cool place for this cool idea! Read something as famous as Marvel comics or simply read One Punch man.

37. Create Poetry! No matter how silly or cool it is, just pen down your ideas in a poetic form! I try this since I was 10 and I used to post them on AllPoetry. I once went too crazy and posted two childish poems over there. (See if you can find them!)

38. Write Articles: Not everyone has the poetic sense, but who said that articles aren’t a great idea? I love this, and as you can see, this blog is the result of this thing!

39. Write anonymous letters! Want to let your crush know about your feelings secretly? Try HadToSay! You can even give this a twist and write open letters about something you feel strongly and then submit it to a blog. If it’s good, you can even get a big site to publish it for you!

Section #5: Learning is fun!

Learn with fun!
Learn with fun!

Juggling, origami, “moneygami”, or anything you can think of to learn – comes under this section. BEWARE! This section is so creative that you will forget to get out of your PC.

Learning is great! After all, you can be assured that while having fun on the internet, you are not going to waste time! PLUS, it’s a boredom killer!

40. Learn Origami. Make paper cranes, butterflies, and what not! There are dozens of websites and hundreds of videos for this!

41. Learn to solve a Rubik’s cube. Oh, I know it’s a little tough, but you can do it with practice. Once you get hold of it, race against time and try to solve it within a minute.The internet has dozens of videos and tutorials to help you out! It isn’t something you can do on the internet itself, but you can learn it here!)

The below video is perhaps the easiest way to learn this art:

42. Learn MoneyGami. This is quite similar to Origami, but the difference is that you will use A DOLLAR to make crafts! Note that your dollar will remain completely intact and just will undergo some foldings.

43. Learn a new language. I personally did this and learnt a bit of Spanish online! You can do this too! With interactive tutorials, exercises and simple yet lucid explanations, it isn’t tough at all to learn a new language online. Duolingo is a good place to begin.

44. Juggle! So silly ya! Surprisingly, there exists a whole website solely to teach juggling. Click here to visit the resource.

45. Learn to code. If I had free time on the internet (which I usually don’t have because of managing this blog), I would opt for this. Why? Because I love it! I prefer Codecademy for this.

46. Learn to play a musical instrument online. Did I go too creative? I didn’t, but many people online did! There exist websites that can teach you to play a piano, or even a guitar online! Go to ZebraKeys for piano, and JustinGuitar for learning guitar online.

47. Learn Calligraphy! I know you will need a pen and ink for this, but you can still learn the basics online. The best thing about calligraphy is that it utilizes your creativity and thus can keep you addicted for really very long, just if you’re interested. Click here to get started.

48. Learn the correct way to type. Do you actually know how to type correctly? I bet over 80% of the people don’t know touch typing. Try RapidTyping app!

49. Read someone’s hand! Palmistry is the art of understanding lines of hand and analyzing their meaning.

To be honest, the resources over the web are not that good for learning Palmistry. I would strongly recommend buying a book if you’re serious!

50. Learn to play pranks! Aha prankster! You’ve got something you wanted! Click here to read some good pranks! You can do something like interchanging the keys of your victim’s keyboard!

51. Learn to dance! What? Learn to dance? Online? Yep! Shake your feet, wave your hands and get ready to dance! Click here to start learning! (Don’t be the traditional old chap who thinks he can’t dance! Anybody can, if he learns! But don’t expect me to learn! :-p)

52. Learn Android development! Okay! I know this isn’t for everyone! But yes, it’s the new trend. I think the official Android Developer Section would be a good place to begin.

53. Learn to read FAAAAAST! An average human being can read at a speed of around 200 words per minute (WPM). Spreeder is a free online tool which lets you read at the speed of 300 WPM, i.e, 1.5 times your original speed!

54. Learn cooking! If you aren’t like me who just loves to eat food prepared by someone else, you can try your hands at cooking! I wouldn’t mention any resource for this one, because the resource depends on what type of dishes you want to prepare!(If you prepare a new recipe and want someone to taste it, you can surely invite me!)

Pro Tip: Close your eyes. Think of a dish you like but don’t know how to prepare. Open your eyes. Now type HOW TO PREPARE [RECIPE NAME] in Google. I often use this technique to satisfy my tongue :-p

55. Learn PhotoShop. YouTube will be the best place on the web to acquire this skill for FREE. So go ahead, find a channel, get some popcorn and watch the videos!

56. Learn basic self defence. Don’t think you can put anyone on his knees just because you’ve got big muscles! Lifehacker has got a great article on this!

57. Get a list of learning ideas! BlissTree has got a list of 45 ideas on what to learn online for FREE!

What a long and a boring section! Relax, it’s over now!

Section #6: The Hall of Fame: The Best of the Web

DRUMROLLS for the Hall Of Fame!
DRUMROLLS for the Hall Of Fame!

I kept the best stuff aside for this section! It contains the weirdest of the fun things to do online.

BEWARE: This section will make you go crazy!

58. Points2Shop: If you are good at taking surveys, inviting friends or can download apps and games, Points2Shop can let you get anything for FREE from the Amazon store or take straightaway cash!

Points2Shop is something more than a mere fun thing to do on the internet!

And the best part? You’re actually making money by passing time!

59. Turn Your System To JARVIS from Iron Man: Nope, not kidding! By configuring Windows Speech Recognition with custom commands, and adding a simple Rainmeter theme, you can make it a reality. Click here for the tutorial!

60. Chat with a bot! Cleverbot is just as it sounds! A clever bot which can respond to whatever you type! Don’t have a friend online? Clever bot always is! Cleverbot is really helpful when you’re bored, and it’s really fun!By the way, you can be happy that you’re going to waste time with it!

61. Play Games! Online games aren’t just meant for kids! If I had a hell lot of leisure time in my pockets, I would spend at least half of it hanging around at these games websites! (Call me a kid, I don’t care ya!) I love MiniClip the most for playing games!

62. Share this article! I know you enjoyed it till here. Would you mind sharing this to your friends through Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Sharing this article would be beneficial to me, your friends and also YOU! Surprised? Firstly, I will be benefited as my article will get better exposure. Secondly, your friends will get around hundred ideas to kill boredom online, and most importantly, your friends will thank you for sharing a crazy list! A good way to increase your reputation (and likes too!).

63. Take an IQ test online! Think you’re smart? Take an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test and see who is the smartest among your friends. (Click here)

PS: My IQ is 140! What’s yours?

64. Look at pictures. Love to see cute cats? Search for anything on Google Images Search and get thousands of pictures!

65. Create and manage a Facebook page/Twitter profile. Its sometimes fun to have a Facebook page with thousands of likes where you can speak yourself out, and even brag to your friends! I too love having profiles and pages with thousands of active followers and likers and guess what? I am already working for it!

66. Riddles! Man! I love riddles! Funology has got a lot of them!

67. Brain Teasers! Yo! I love brain teasers more than riddles! And I love SharpBrains for providing me with those!

68. Quizzes! Yay! I love quizzes more than Brain Teasers! I think I should stick to OnlineQuizPortal!

69. Face your age! Microsoft has built a fun tool called FaceMyAge, which guesses your age from the picture!

70. Shop! When there are e-commerce stores like Amazon and Ebay, how can you be bored online? Doesn’t matter whether or not you want to buy something, you can at least browse for the goodies right?

71. Play with Google! Hell yes! Google isn’t just made to follow your favourite celeb gossip or find your preferred recipe! There are a hell lot of ways to have fun on Google.


72. Take a personality quiz! Not much to say on this topic! Click here and begin!

73. Make some money online! Don’t have a skill? No worries! Click here for some guidance!

74. Try Quora! Quora is my favourite place to get some breathtaking answers to questions and also build my brand. Its a lot more than just a Question-Answer community!

Quora has a great user base which will make you come back for more! There’s awesome content for almost every topic, and the answers are so witty that you sometimes wonder:

Why on earth didn’t I think of this before?

75. Get early access to updates of your favourite apps! Yep! Just become a beta tester of that app! Most apps would write about this in their app description itself. For example, Facebook and Google Chrome (Android) offer beta testing!

Pro Tip: Use APKMirror to get early access to updates of almost every popular app!

76. LMGTFY! Bored of Googling the same way? Try Let Me Google That For You!

77. Wallpapers! Download some cool wallpapers for your desktop, laptop and smartphone and customize them!

How far did you like this article? Don’t forget to leave a comment at the end! By the way, I hope that now you have enough ideas to have fun on the internet!

78. Create your own standing desk: Perhaps you don’t know how harmful sitting for a constant period is! Create a standing desk and use your desktop while you stand!

This idea is slowly being adapted into offices! Click here for complete tutorial….

79. Fake news: Want to create a fake news and make it viral? Want to feature yourself online? Try Fakingnews!

80. Do a random Google search: Think about a topic, search it on Google. Maybe you might get some incredible news on that topic, or maybe a MUST WATCH video from YouTube!

81. Know all the Windows Run Commands: How many run commands to you know? Learning those commands is good because they are great time savers. Click here for the complete list!

82. Draw a perfect circle FREEHAND! Surprised? The below YouTube video teaches you how to draw a perfect circle by just using your hands!

83. Canva! Canva is a great place to create, customize and edit images and documents to make them more beautiful! The best place for a non-designer to design!

84. Create your own search engine! Amaze your friends! Click here to create! (It’s FREE!)

85. Create a MEME: Test your sense of humour! Create a MEME and make it viral on reddit.

86. Learn a Magic Trick: Be it card, coin, mind reading or anything else, the Internet is there to help you out! Learn a rare trick, preferably from YouTube and amaze your friends!

87. Psychopathy Quiz: Are you a Psycho? Find out yourself by clicking here!

88. Shout out on trends! Open Twitter to see the trends. Done? Now tweet on that trend and increase your profile visibility!

It might sound like shit, but you will find thousands passing their time like this!

89. Flirt in another language! Teen? It’s for you then! Google for some awesome pickup lines and I assure you that you will get that girl!

90. Rotated Google! Search on Google and find the results rotated! Try Elgoog.

91. Fight with Food! No, no, no! I am not telling you to throw a pizza at your Mom! Have a virtual food fight with your friends at FoodFighting!

92. Test your eyes! Computer addict like me? Take a small eye test online to determine whether or not you need to visit your eye specialist!

93. Join a Forum! Pick a topic, type forum after that name and search it on Google! You now have a list of great forums to join, entertain and educate yourself!

94. Take up challenges on social media! Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Take up a similar challenge or even better, introduce your own challenge and nominate your friends! The chain will soon continue and if you’re popular enough, you might end up making the whole nation do it!

95. Watch 3D movies on your system! Tired of same old 2D stuff? You can watch any movie or video in 3D if you have a free 3D app and 3D glasses (you can create a pair!). Click here for a nice tutorial.

96. Create your personalized card! You don’t have to buy one to create one! Confused? PrintVenue lets you create your personalized visiting cards, mugs etc.! And the best part, you don’t compulsorily have to buy them!

97. Edit some images: PhotoShop is indeed hard for many. Try any of those free tools available on the Web, like Picasa! (Or learn PhotoShop from YouTube)

98. Find a FanClub! Iron Man fan? Or following Vin Diesel? There are fan clubs for almost every celeb!

99. Create your own Google Cardboard: Experience Virtual Reality! Get 3D experience for cheap! Click here for a quick how-to! This is something really awesome to do when you’re bored, because when it will be ready, you will enjoy Virtual Reality experience!

100. EQ Test! Forget IQ! Find out how much emotionally intelligent you are! Click here to take an EQ test!

101. Add your life story on the web! Create your personal page on the internet! Use it for branding yourself or maybe just for fun! Go to! You can even use it as a portfolio.

That’s all folks!

I want to give you a big big thanks for making it till the end! Less than 10% people bother to do that!

What do you think about this article? Well, I know I went SERIOUSLY INSANE in listing out some fun things to do on the internet when you’re bored, but I hope it wasn’t any annoying!

Do you know some other fun way? Comment below and I might add it to the list with crediting you! (Yes, I mean it!)


  1. Though I couldn't hold my patience for a long time. But I read more than the half article (I admit. And I don't like fibbing all around). And I appreciate the way you rose this topic. I personally keep thinking what should I do with my net after completing all my stuffs, regardless. Needless to say, I'm going to follow most of your tips natheless, I'm a full time reader. I've been suffering from bookmaina.
    I comprehensively enjoyed your article.

    • Hey Subham,

      Thanks for an in-depth comment! It feels really awesome to see a long comment which actually has a meaning!

      Hehe, it isn't only your story! More than half of the people don't even skim till the end!

      Guess what? You're a bit like me! Peeps call me BOOKWORM yea!

      Thanks again!

  2. Great article as always.

    You are right. Internet is a much fun place to be when it is utilized in a correct and productive way.

    But who does it? :p. Like really? Even the most productive among the humans need some time to recreate and entertain themselves to rejuvenate their mind and body

    And therefore, comes this article into play. You have provided some in depth timepass techniques available all over the internet. I seriously appreciate all of the efforts and as a fellow blogger, I know the pain of writing huge blog posts especially brimmed with humour.

    I too didn't manage to complete the whole list but I'll make sure that I'll visit this page when I am bored and try to attempt these all tricks.

    Thanks for putting together this post!

  3. Really? I can't believe you wrote that fantastic, extensively detailed post. In my lifetime, I could never write such a long post yet. Fantastic!!

    And look at the design of your blog. It's making me envy now. You are heading towards making TechProbex a brand now. Something, that's really cool.

    OMG!! And this logo. Are you in real?

    Ping me on Skype anytime you want, and we can discuss how to convert this blog into COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!! 😉

    • Hey Gaurav,

      Thanks for this heartbreaking comment. Feels like it sends shrill down the spines now!

      Design? Yes I hate it either! But no worries! I am migrating to WordPress once my money is in my hand!

      This blog needs whole refurnishing, yes! And thanks for the offer, I am pinging you now!


  4. With the reading section, I suggest visiting Wattpad. Heaps of books in all categories, always provides me with lots of entertainment!
    Love the article!

  5. was so bored.. as you suggested went to duolingo and started learning spanish as i already no very few words.. interesting it is.. thank you

  6. Tqs A lot. I don’t know what to do in free time. most of the time I chat with frnds or spending time by sleeping. I read your complete article. I got around 30 things to do in a free time.

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing this great article. I personally like to read my pending social media messages in my free time, well I’ll surely be trying other things out, Keep sharing such interesting articles (Y)


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