When you’re looking for the best Floor Standing Speakers under $1000 for your house you have some tough options to choose from, there are so many good quality speakers currently available. Each one has its qualities and some of them are better at some things than others.

This is why we have put together a list of five of the best floor standing speakers on the market right now.

Whether you want speakers that will rock a room as big as a warehouse, speakers that will connect easily to your mobile phone or even if quality at the right price is what matters to you most, the following information is a definite must read.

Top 5 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $1000

1. Klipsch RP-280F

Klipsch RP 280

The first thing you will notice about these tower speakers under $1000 is their classic, beautiful look. The RP-280F is the largest in the Klipsch Reference Premier range and produces cinematic quality sound from it’s trademarked 8” ‘Cerametallic’ woofers and its ‘Hybrid Tractix’ horn. The manufacturer claims that these speakers have been redesigned “…from the ground up” in comparison to their previous models.

The sound that these speakers produce is perfect for even the largest of rooms and gives you a crystal clear clarity and a dynamic range, which stays steady regardless of the music or output level. High sensitivity and a deep sound even at low frequencies contribute to the quality.

The horn on the speakers is a complete redesign and increases in size on this particular model from 60x90 to 90x90, which ensures you enjoy a much wider dispersion of sound. The grille is strong and flexible and is attached and detached magnetically which makes transition simpler. The magnets are also contained within the baffle which reduces diffraction as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

The exterior of the speakers are a premium polymer veneer, manufactured with a wood grain look and feel which is available in either ebony or a cherry wood.

The lines on the speakers are also seamless, the end result being a beautiful looking piece of furniture whose style will look at home in any room of the house.

The height of the speaker is just over 43” with a width and depth of 10.5” and 16.4” respectively.


  • Renowned brand of quality speakers.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Quality sound at any volume


  • Quite bulky. You might need external help to move them.

If you’re looking for one of the most respected brands in the market right now but don’t have the budget for their premium Palladium series, then Klipsch RP-280F is your best friend. Its heaviness proves its quality but don’t try moving them on your own!

2. SVS Prime Tower Speakers

SVS Prime Tower

These speakers deliver a fantastic listening experience with a full spectrum of sound that is deeply immersive. No more will you misinterpret the lyrics of your favourite songs as they will be crystal clear on these beasts from SVS.

However you choose to use these speakers, whether as a standalone two channel system or as part of a home theater system, they will bind seamlessly to any other system you may want to pair them with or work as perfect standalone gear. Vocal sounds, as well as music, are crystal clear and the bass sound is powerful enough to vibrate your entire room.

Each tower comes with a 6.5” woofer so the purchase of an additional sub-woofer is unnecessary. There are different crossover points for each woofer which gives you a speaker with a bass sound that moves to the mid range effortlessly and smoothly. Each woofer also has a compartment with its own port tuning frequency giving these speakers a definitive output worth experiencing.

The compartment for the 4.5” mid range driver is completely sealed to make sure that the mid range has no standing wave coloration.

Completing the specs, a 1” tweeter ensures an overall clean and powerful sound.

As far as the look is concerned these speakers have no worries either, as long as you like black! They are available in premium grade piano gloss black or black ash finishes.

Each speaker weighs 40.1 lbs and stands at a height of 36.6”. When deciding where to put them consider a width of 8” and a depth of 11.6”.


  • Easy to assemble. Up and running within minutes.
  • Smaller size means greater flexibility.
  • A perfect home theater


  • The receiver feeds on a lot of power.
  • Only comes in black

A quality speaker which proves itself straight outta the box. If space is scarce or you want to fit them either side of your sofa for a home cinema system then this should be your pick.

3. Klipsch RF-82 II

Klipsch RF 82 II

A second outing for the Klipsch brand in our list shows how highly we rate this brand. If your budget is lower than that required for the RP-280F speakers then these are a must have if you’re serious about music or watching movies at their optimum sound levels. Whatever you are using them for, the sound from the RF-82 speakers is constantly excellent.

As talked about before, you are guaranteed the ‘Tractrix’ horn technology which is renowned for producing lifelike sound. But you’ll also be surprised to know that this upgraded technology also ensures that the speakers use less energy, despite improving reliability, reducing distortion and giving you a well-defined output.

The woofer cones are formed from specially treated aluminum which reduces distortion through better dampening. The tweeter is titanium and offers linear travel suspension with a natural sound. This is a technology borrowed from Klipsch’s flagship Palladium brand, a brand that can cost as much as $30,000 for a pair of speakers. You are in a good company my friend! 😉

A sleek, imposing but welcoming look is given out by these 43.6” tall speakers. A wooden grain vinyl veneer cabinet wraps round the speaker and newly designed rounded feet help these 9.5” wide and 16.25” deep speakers fit into cosy spaces.

As a matter of fact, Klitsch packs their speakers upside down in the boxes with the feet pointing upwards. This ensures that you can stand the speakers up and simply slide the packaging over the top. A nice move!


  • Top notch brand
  • Boasts of technology usually found in expensive systems.
  • Considerately packed


  • Not the best Klitsch speaker under $1000.

Again, with the Klipsch brand name comes quality. Klitsch allows technology to filter down from their top of the range systems to their more affordable options which is something great. However, if your budget truly is $1,000, we recommend opting for the Klipsch RP-280F.

4. Fluance Signature Series

Fluance Signature Series

The makers of this speaker guarantee that only the best components are used in the manufacture of their speakers, ensuring that the best high fidelity sound is always enjoyed from them. Sonic accuracy, precision and with excellent symmetry, these speakers will take you back to your favourite live concert when you sit in front of them.

They produce the finest details in sound and music in crystal clear clarity which is the result of years of careful engineering, testing and measuring. Sound excellence is the obvious end result when you listen to them.

Optimal linear movement is provided by two 8” woofers which give you fantastic power whilst still remaining controlled, deep and clean. You will be allowed to hear the deepest and lowest rumbling bass sounds right through to a major explosion, with no distinction in quality.

At the high end the higher frequencies are kept clear and clean by Neodymium tweeters.

Unique to these speakers is the pointed mid range dome. This feature empowers the sound waves to come directly from the centre of the cone, given you an unrivalled quality of soundstage. You’ll find that you’re listening to your favourite tracks as if you were there in the recording studio whilst they were being laid down.

Made with audio grade MDF and crafted with precision, not only to give an aesthetically pleasing look but also to make sure that the sound stays warm and distortion free.

The front baffle is solid and 1.4” thick with chambered edges which greatly decreases any sound diffraction.


  • Great for concert like natural sound
  • Accentuates vocals
  • Superbly engineered


  • Colossal weight at 62.4 lbs

The engineering of these speakers is a marvel and if you like to talk about why your speakers are the best floor standing speakers, then the components and make up of these speakers will make that easy. They are hugely weighty however, we’d recommend that once you find the right space for them, you leave them there!

5. Polk Audio TSi500

Polk Audio TSi500

A tall and fashionably narrow speaker with a beautiful furniture quality finish. It is lower in price than other speakers on the list but still comes with high quality components engineered to produce a product that is comparable to and better than some other speakers in its class. A narrow baffle alongside four small drivers actually delivers more sound than larger speakers and a flared port bass vent gives you a realistic image and full and smooth range of dynamics.

These speakers offer silk dome tweeters as opposed to horns or metal domes. This makes sure there is no chance of sound fatigue even when playing at the highest volume. The trademarked Dynamic Balance process gives them a sound that is efficient, smooth and natural.

The bass produces a deep response thanks to the aforementioned flared port bass vent. This minimises chuffing and ensures air flow over the port is smoothed out. The result is a full bodied bass that blends seamlessly with the overall sound that is being produced.

Polk speakers are guaranteed timbre match as long as you pair them from other speakers from within the same series. This establishes seamless blending effects between speakers when using multi channel systems.

The speakers come with large, wide stabilizer feet which makes sure that they stand solid on both carpeted and solid floors. This sees to it that you enjoy an exact bass response and precise imaging.

The speaker is over 44" high and has a width of 8.25” and a depth of 14.75”.


  • Narrow, takes up less space
  • Faultless at high volume
  • Timbre matching other speakers in the series
  • Cheaper than other comparable speakers.


  • Need a lot of breaking in. Quality not apparent straight out of the box.

If your realistic budget is at the lower end, then buying these speakers will still give you a product which sounds not at all different to speakers with a greater expense and reputation. When you receive them you may want to switch them on and go away for a couple of days, as when you come back your speakers will be intact.

Factors to consider while buying floor standing speakers:

    • The size - This isn’t necessarily a reflection of the overall output of the speaker, rather just a consideration of the physical dimensions. If you’ve made the decision to buy floor standing speakers then you are obviously comfortable with the fact that they are going to be larger than, for example, book shelf speakers. However, you still need to consider exactly where you want to put them in the house and whether they will fit there. If you’ve got specific corners where you want them to go, make sure they fit in perfectly.
    • Sound quality - This all depends on how keen your ear is or your personal preference. A speaker may claim to have the best sound quality in the world but when you come to listen to it you might not necessarily agree. The speaker may not lend itself very well to the type of music you want to play on it. It’s always worth, if at all possible to test the speakers before you making a purchase. You should take along your favourite music to see whether they meet your expectations.
    • Acoustics in your chosen room - You need to size your speakers according to the size of the room you want to put them in, or at least ensure the sound is adjustable. Floor speakers that sound good in a huge, square, hard floored lounge may not sound as good in a small, L-shaped, upstairs bedroom on the floorboards.
    • Pair with the right system - Do you have a top of the range hi-tech system that your speakers are going to have to perform under? Does this system recommend any particular speakers? If you match brand for brand will you be able to enjoy extra features? Or perhaps you just want to ensure that the speaker are compatible to connect to your mobile, tablet or laptop? Do you need a Bluetooth connection? All important factors to consider before deciding on your purchase.
    • Tech and accessories - Some speakers will require that one or both of them will need to be powered, is that feasible for you? If only one speaker is powered then the other may have to be hardwired to it. Is that going to be possible without a wire trailing across the floor? If so, do you have the required wires and plugs to make the system work? Is a sub-woofer recommended to get the most out of these speakers? How much do the required accessories cost?

    ​That’s quite a lot to be thinking about before you find the speakers that are right for you. Considering all of these factors we have put together a list of five of the best floor standing speakers for under $1,000. Please read this before making your choice.


Buying quality speakers can be daunting due to the cost expected at the top range. Tens of thousands of pounds can be bandied about, but it’s worth remembering that there’s a huge jump up to that quality and $1,000 is still a hefty amount spent on some high quality speakers for your home.

The five speakers above are of the highest quality, it’s very difficult to find anybody who doesn’t agree that Klitsch speakers are leaders in their class. However, it’s equally difficult to find someone with an ear as keen as to be able to distinguish between them and the fantastic Polk Audio TSi500.



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