Fake WhatsApp Conversations

Do you get baffled when you see fake WhatsApp conversations like this?

I guess you do. The thought which ensued as a consequence was “Man! This is something really interesting!”

I knew for sure that it can be done using some app or web service.I just had to dip my hand into the sea and the pearl would be mine.

I did it, and I felt it would be unfair if I don’t share how I did it with my dear readers. Who wouldn’t like to have a good laughter out of these after all?

The “Best” and the “Worst” Part Of These Fake WhatsApp Conversations

You cannot say that the conversation is real or fake at first sight

Of course, there are a few alignment differences here and there, but it’s really tough to distinguish between a real and a fake WhatsApp chat created by these apps, especially at first sight. It’s great because you can tease your friends without them ever doubting that the conversation is fake (unless they are too smart to think of this probability), but on the other hand, it can be misused in a bad way to ruin relationships or spread negativity about a person.

So, as a disclaimer, we strongly recommend you to use it under limits, and be mindful of what you’re sharing. We are not responsible for any mishappenings which can occur.

I understand, let’s get started with creating fake WhatsApp messages

There are multiple options available on the internet. We settled with the best three and we are pretty sure you won’t ever have to go beyond them.

Let’s get started then!

Method 1: Use an app called “Yazzy”

Yes, the name sounds out of context, but it works like a charm and is my most preferred fake chat generator.

Download Yazzy from Google Play and follow the below instructions:

  1. As you can see, the app actually allows you to create fake conversations of multiple apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since we are concerned with only WhatsApp for now, choose that option.
    Yazzy Welcome Page - Fake WhatsApp Conversation
  2. You will see a tiny “Yazzy” watermark at the bottom left. Tap on it to remove. Now, your screen would exactly look like a WhatsApp conversation.
  3. Tap on the contact name to edit it, like this:Yazzy Conversation Info - Fake WhatsApp Conversation
  4. Tap on the bottom right to edit the messages. You can freely choose sent messages, received messages and images along with their timestamp.Yazzy Message Type - Fake WhatsApp Conversation
  5. Hit the “save” button once you’re done.

Yazzy First Page - Fake WhatsApp Conversation

Accurate enough?

Reasons why I like Yazzy:

  • Simple and accurate enough
  • Limited ads while using

Reasons why I don’t like Yazzy:

  • You have to manually remove the bookmark
  • The text could have been aligned slightly better

Method 2: Use WhatsFake App

Yet another app to do this job. The main advantage of using WhatsFake is that you get to fake the WhatsApp home section as well.

However, I prefer Yazzy. (You will get to know why at the end of this section)

Download WhatsFake, and follow the below steps:

  1. Add a new chat, like this:WhatsFake Opening Screen - Fake WhatsApp Conversation
  2. Open the chat. Edit the message info:WhatsFake Message Info - Fake WhatsApp Conversation
  3. Done. You can take a screenshot now!WhatsFake Chat Screen - Fake WhatsApp Conversation


Why I like WhatsFake:

  • It can fake the entire app, not just the chat screen
  • I found the text alignment better than Yazzy.

Why I don’t like WhatsFake:

  • Too many pop-up ads. (I understand the developer deserves some bucks, but the number of ads was way too high) And this is the reason why I recommend to use Yazzy

What if I am an iOS user?

No worries. You can download WhatsFake for iOS. The developer is different, but the functionality is similar.

Anyways, the next method creates fake WhatsApp conversations for iOS, but it works from your PC.

Method 3: Use FakeWhats.com on your PC

If you are a PC user, I would strongly recommend you to opt for FakeWhats.com and nothing else. Creating fake chats is way more flexible in your desktop. However, you should note that the generator is of the iOS variant and there’s no workaround if you’re an Android user.

There’s nothing much to say for FakeWhats. The web page speaks for itself, and you can configure literally everything, from the battery percentage to the Wi-Fi signal!

FakeWhats.com - Fake WhatsApp Conversations

The output is the most beautiful amongst the three!

What do you think?

What prank did you play on your friends with this fake WhatsApp generators? I have got some evil plans in my head, yet to be implemented! It is one of the best tricks for WhatsApp I have seen so far!

Let me know your ideas too in the comments! 🙂


  1. Hey bro, Very intresting guide 😀 … I ahve also created a video related to this post on youtube, (In Hindi language) .. if possible can you embed it here..i will add your link to the description part.. 🙂


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