Doesn’t it hurt you?

You invest hell lots of time into crafting impeccable articles on your blog, anticipating you will have hell lots of visitors soon. You can’t afford losing organic views that you did perfect SEO too.

But when you get visitors, you realize that the bounce rate is on the higher side and, it becomes impossible for you to convert the traffic.

Did it ever happen to you?

Or, you write so good that you can put the top sites into your industry to shame. Yet, your site looks so awful that nobody bothers to give a look into what you have!


Believe it or not – you need to change your theme right away! Most of the themes you find around the internet are either too ugly or too common. And yes, this includes the paid themes that you see.

I would like to introduce you to Dashing Themes, where the themes are as dashing as the name sounds. Read on to get more information about this theme store (and to get some compelling reasons why you should give a damn about it).

Dashing Themes Review – As Dashing As The Name Sounds

Dashing Themes Review - Homepage

I know you had had acquaintances with a few other WordPress theme clubs. But this is going to be different as it was created by a WordPress blogger himself.

Though it came online a few months ago, you can expect a number of new theme releases soon with a number of unique features.

Aren’t you eagerly waiting to read the features? Here we go.

1Frequent Theme Updates

WordPress is so quick in rolling out updates. They launch multiple versions even in the same month. So you will face incompatibility issues in case your themes don’t get timely updates.

That’s why it is significant to opt out for theme providers who roll out updates frequently. And, you will never be disappointed in this regard if you go with Dashing Themes. They have promised to give free and frequent theme updates.

You can install the update with a single click.

2Cleanly Coded

The way your theme is coded plays a vital role in defining your organic reach and reader persistence. Some themes have complex code structure in them that they clearly drive search bots away and as a result the sites using those themes will never come up in SERPs.

Moreover, every reader likes to visit sites which load up quickly. But the complexity in codes makes it a snail. So, the reader can’t stick to it as no one wants to wait hell lots of time to get a site completely loaded.

Every theme here is neatly coded to attract both crawlers and humans.

3Easy to Use and Customize

Customizability should be a buying factor in the selection of a WP theme. Over the years of my experience on WP platform, I have tried a number of themes. Sadly, not all of them provide a level of customizability in the way we bloggers want it to be.

But it’s not the same case with Dashing Themes.

Their WordPress customiser allows you to design your site in any way you want. Though they create the basic framework, you are the supreme authority to decide the prime design aspects.

4Retina Ready, Responsive Themes

Apple has made the term Retina display trending. But you should know that it’s not just another marketing gimmick. They mean supreme display quality by the word retina. Dashing Themes have made it clear that they have designed themes with retina displays in mind.

Today, most of the internet consumers use mobile phones than laptops or desktop computers. That’s why it has become important for you to make sure your blog takes a comfortable form based on the device from which it is being viewed.

All the Dashing themes take away your worries to provide you with responsive themes that are displayed well on retina displays.

5Translation Ready and Unlimited Domains

Don’t you like your backend in English? Well then, you can translate the theme to language of your choice. In ordinary cases, you will have to create your own .po and .mo files for translation. But here they provide you with the same to ease the process.

They won’t limit any of their customers from using the themes on a specific number of domains. You can purchase it once and install the same on any of your or your clients’ sites without any issues.

6Affiliate Program with Whopping Commission

If you are a blogger, you can earn multiple times the price of purchased themes by making use of their affiliate program with whopping commission.

On every purchase via your affiliate link, you will get a flat 70% commission with no strings attached. You can promote th
eir themes in any way possible (within the official limits).

The biggest benefit is there is no threshold payment. You can transfer each and every penny to your bank account whenever you want.

724 x 7 Support

Customer support is the backbone of a theme company because issues and doubts are common in this field especially when the customer is a neo.

You can always seek the help via their social media profiles, contact page or support forums. The customer friendly support team will help you solve the issue right away no matter what.


Dashing Themes offer two types of purchasing; single theme and club membership. The first one lets you buy only one theme whereas the second one allows you to bag every single theme they launch. But both of them differ on a great margin in terms of price and features as well.

If you take the second plan, you will get PSD templates and free theme installation on one domain too.

As I said earlier, you can use the same theme on as many domains as you want.

So what are you waiting for, visit Dashing Themes now!

Final Verdict

I admit the fact that when it comes to number of themes, Dashing Themes is in its infancy stage. But taking the age of site, it has come a long way. And, you can expect new releases soon.

In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong in going with them. You can try out their free themes in case you are skeptical about their design and quality. The demo page helps you to switch immediately between themes.

So, what are you waiting for? Just head over to dashing themes website and try their themes now!


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