There are so many google chrome extensions available out there to enhance your browsing experience, to make you more productive. You might also be using some of them. This list has some more useful extensions you might not be using but you should.

Note- These might not be the best chrome extensions (that’s why I just said “useful”). Also, I am no arbitrator to decide which the best are ;-). There may be better extensions than the following ones. These are just some of the extensions I like and wish to share with you all.

1. Momentum


Momentum replaces chrome’s default New Tab page with a personalized dashboard which has a beautiful picture, a daily inspirational quote, the time and weather, a to-do list, your primary focus for the day, to do list, a personalized greeting, quick links to your favourite websites and a search bar.

Awesome! Isn’t it?

2. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

This is very useful while reading online. Don’t know the meaning of any word? Just double-click it and voila! No need to copy it and search on google, Google has made it a lot simpler for you!

You get the meaning in a bubble which pops-up when you double-click any word. You can even check the pronunciation and read more about the word by clicking the “more” button in the bottom-right corner of the bubble.

3. Grammarly


This one is my favourite and might even become yours if you are like me who struggles while writing! Grammarly corrects all your spelling mistakes, grammar, punctuation, helps you with the structure and style of your sentences. It works on Facebook, Gmail, almost everywhere you write! The best thing? ITS FREE!

P.S- They also have a premium version which gives you some additional features to improve your writing skills.

4. Save to Pocket

Save anything you find useful, interesting on the web to pocket and view it later. It’s not that easy to find something the next time if you do not save it! You can even install the app on your phone, tablet, chrome and access the things you saved whenever you want.

Watch this video to get a more clear idea-

5. Buyhatke


Online shopping is growing at an alarming rate (at least in India) and there is so much chaos of from which website should you buy from. Do not worry! Buyhatke is what you need!

Buyhatke provides you with awesome features such as price comparisons from different websites, price drop alerts, a price graph which shows how a particular product’s price varied over time and coupons at checkout!

It works with many major online shopping sites to give you the best shopping experience!

Tip- You can visit their website to find the best deals right now!


Thank you for reading and if you know any more useful add-ons then do share them with us in the comments section below.


    • Howdy Prajjwal,

      I prefer Lightshot for taking screenshots. I was about to ask Jai to change that screenshots one to Lightshot itself, but since I hadn’t tried any other extension, I didn’t ask him!

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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