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PayPal Alternatives

15 Top PayPal Alternatives For Freelancers

It is an awkward situation! How does it feel when you find you are smart enough to win a foreign freelance deal and left with no payment method? What would you do? I...

Warning: 7 Signs that prove a make money site to be fake!

Many of my dear readers must be trying to make money online. But, let me tell you that over 90% of the online money makers do not get a single payout!...
Google secrets

? 7 Dirty Google Secrets Every Internet User Should Know

For an average user, Google is just a search engine giant, the company behind Gmail and YouTube and someone who is responsible for the bunch of apps that come pre-installed in...
Fun Things To Do On The Internet When You're Bored

? 101 Fun Things To Do Online When You’re Bored

So, you have got a PC or a laptop or a smartphone with you! You have an internet connection also which gives you the freedom to surf the web at your...

#FreeBasics: An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg On Net Neutrality

This is an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg which would reflect my thoughts on the Free Basics initiative by Facebook and how it affects Net Neutrality. I strongly urge you to...


Moto X 2nd Gen: Has It Lost Its Key Advantage?

Note from Yashraj: This is a guest post by Kundan Srivastava from 91mobiles.com. He is quite experienced at judging smartphones. Don't forget to let...