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This word isn’t forgotten yet – though smartphones have already overpowered this! Read to find some of the best articles to maximize your computing fun!

How To Boot Windows 10 Via USB

How to Boot Windows 10 via USB Pendrive

Cover Image Credit: StockSnap On August 2015, Microsoft made Windows 10 USB sticks available on the market to enable users of netbooks and tablets without CD/DVD-ROM drives to enjoy the Windows 10 experience....

? Iron Man JARVIS: How To Transform Your Boring Desktop (Windows)

Its awesome! JARVIS Software (theme you can say) is awesome! The awesome JARVIS look, the responsive home screen, the voice response, I am loving it! JARVIS is the personal assistant of Iron...
Computer back pain

How Sitting on Computer For Long is Slowly Killing You and Your Back

Back Pain affects most people at some point of time; especially for those who work in front of computer for more than 8 hours. Sitting for longer hours is directly proportional to...
How To Setup & Optimize Counter-Strike 1.6 Server

How To Setup And Optimize A Counter-Strike 1.6 Server

So you've got some real counter strike FPS ninja buddies with you and looking for blasting some real shots, making frags and enjoying the day! You have probably arrived at the perfect...

3 Simple Reasons Why Downloading Torrents Can Be Harmful for Your Computer

Is downloading and using files from torrents really harmful? This might sound unbelievable at first, but the bitter truth is that the greed of torrents might risk your computer! First of all let...


Xiaomi EXPOSED! Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Xiaomi Mi3

Disclaimer: This post is entirely based upon the author's opinions and does not spread negativity of any company or organization. The post is not meant...