Telegram has been in the spotlight these days, all because of its features. Telegram is a free Android messaging app with features which might sound impossible, as there are no traces of the app getting any profit! There have been messages on WhatsApp telling that Telegram is stealing user’s personal information and peeping at the chats. Is it the bitter truth? In this post, we will be discussing the reasons which contribute to Telegram being doubted and the facts which prove it to be trustworthy or fraud!

Telegram – Who found this messaging app?

The Telegram app is founded by two Russian Brothers – Nikolai and Pavel Durov, with an aim to create something that is really secure and fun at the same time. This is what they say is their aim! They worked for 18 long months on Telegram is a research project.

Top reasons why Telegram is blamed

1. Messages flying around WhatsApp

There have been messages forwarded to many WhatsApp users stating that Telegram is a fake application. It stole my data or Telegram is not a good choice or something else. Though there have been no proofs which can truly help to say that the app is really fraud, people are blaming it just because their friends messaged them, or you can say, forwarded the message!

2. No traces of company’s profit

As I mentioned earlier, Telegram is a free for all messaging app. Unlike WhatsApp, you don’t have to pay any amount anytime. Moreover, In-app purchases are non-existent. This creates a doubt among the people that Telegram is using their information and chats in some or the other bad manner to make money. Once again, there are no proofs for this accuse!

3. A website creates the feeling

A website, titled Unhandled Expression, has shown evidences in one of their articles proving the app to be insecure. The article is somewhat over the head for normal audience but it is particularly successful in creating a bad impression about the app. But Telegram has given proper replies and all the glitches have been cleared. This is what can be observed on the page. You can view the article by clicking here.

4. Secret chat features adds to the blames

Telegram has created a name for itself by introducing the Secret Chat feature. It means that we can start a secret chat in which the messages are not stored in any manner on the cloud and they can be deleted anytime to remove the traces of them. Some blame it by saying Telegram is enouraging the people to share private details by giving false promises and misusing the data!

So, its Trustworthy or Fraud?

We have seen all the reasons why Telegram is blamed, but we also see that there are no evidences for any point. Moreover, telegram is a open source app and anyone can have an inside view of the app. This means that telegram is safer than any other app of the kind. The founders have also said that whenever they are in short of funds, either they will be asking for donations from their users or including in-app purchases in the app. Moreover, Telegram has been ranked #1 app for many countries. Telegram also has better features than WhatsApp. But no messaging app till date is 100% secure. Suppose if someone gets physical access to your phone, the security will be useless. Thus this factor can be taken seriously by the app developers……


We discussed many factors that blame Telegram and also discovered that there are no proper evidences. What do you think? Is Telegram safe to use? Which is the best messaging app? Do let me know in the comments section below.


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