BlogX 2017 VIP Pass

My past week has been wonderful!

30 December 2016 – I get a Facebook message from my virtual best friend cum business partner, Prajjwal Mishra:

Buddy, coming for BlogX?

To be very honest, I have quite a few restrictions imposed on me by my family. My grandparents live with us and they don’t prefer sending me alone. I knew, going to BlogX 2017, probably the greatest blogger’s meet held in India, would be next to impossible for me. And so, I reluctantly denied.

He tried quite hard to convince me, but how could I even talk about this to my parents when I had already lost the battle in my head?

But, but, I desperately wanted to go!

Prajjwal and I have been connected on Facebook for the past 3 years. We know each other like brothers, and yet, surprisingly, haven’t physically met each other even once. I live in Vapi, Gujarat and he hails from Asansol, West Bengal. Both the places fall in India, but the distance between them is remarkably huge:

Vapi to Asansol Distance

Two 16-year-old lads traveling such a huge distance for the sole purpose of meeting each other? That was impossible for us!

My conscience screamed, “Man up, you pussy! This is perhaps going to be one of the best opportunities you will ever get for networking with people you always wanted to!” But, this feeling got somehow lost in my JEE physics problems.

I had given a lot of sacrifices in 2016 for JEE preparation, and I assumed that this is going to be yet another one!

What’s BlogX?

I will quote it from the BlogX official page itself:
“BlogX is a blog conference where bloggers and content managers from all backgrounds connect to learn from each other while networking with industry leaders in the blogging community.”

In short, BlogX is your ticket to connect with professionals whom you can’t meet otherwise.

Cheers to Microhost for empowering the event!

And then, this happened!

The very next day I got a message from Prajjwal that Jitendra Vaswani has organized a giveaway for which the reward is a BlogX 2017 VIP pass and two regular passes.

Participants were simply asked to do a few things and most importantly comment why you want to attend this event.
I knew about this as he announced it beforehand in one of his Facebook live sessions. But I had decided not to participate as I thought it would be meaningless to do so.

(Just so you know, Jitendra Vaswani is one of the successful bloggers of the country who manages to earn 5-figure income in dollars every month. He is on the way to launch one his autobiography in which he will share his journey. If you’re a blogger, make sure you follow his thoughts at BloggersIdeas.)

Prajjwal’s message read:

here’s a giveaway by Jitendra Vaswani for blogX pass. Make sure you participate.

The Magical Moment!

I felt a sudden sensation in my body. I made up my mind to participate. I was supposed to attend my sister’s birthday party in the next 10 minutes and I was sitting on my laptop with my boxers on.

I screamed:

Let’s do it!

I rushed to wash my face, grabbed a pair of clothes and got ready in around 3 minutes. (We bloggers are supernatural creatures, you see!) 

Mom was yet to get ready, so I ran to the living room with a laptop in one hand and socks on the other. I kept it on my dining table, opened notepad, and started pouring my heart out. I really wanted to win, and I took utmost efforts to ensure that my reason for coming is genuinely expressed in my entry. I wanted the selectors to feel my level of desire and excitement, and I came up with a well-polished piece of text:

My BlogX entry

I have always felt that I have had a natural flair for writing. I have worked as a content writer during my 10th class vacations as well. This was the time to put my skills to test.

Will I make it?

I opened the thread in my phone after two hours to see the kind of response the giveaway had received. I could see a lot of magnificent entries from people I knew. I realized everyone was equally excited to grab this golden opportunity as I was.

My confidence level came down and I prepared myself for defeat.

Life changes here

I came back home, had dinner and went to my desk to solve some Chemistry problems. After an hour or so, I took a break and turned on my phone’s data, only to see the update I was craving to see:

I jumped from my seat! I was so elated at the moment! My efforts proved to be worth it.

Hell yeah bitch! I made it!

I sent a thank you message to both Jitendra Vaswani and Manmeet (a.k.a Bling) Singh (the man behind BlogX and CEO of Reappoint Internet). And then, I got a chance to connect with a wonderful personality like Mr. Manmeet. He told me about his work and lifestyle, which is something worth admiring!

I had also participated in another giveaway hosted by Iftekhar Ahmed. He’s another awesome, talented and reputed man in the blogging industry. He said I was selected over there as well, but someone else was selected since I already won one! You can follow his work at iftiSEO.

So technically, I won two giveaways! Yay!

(Although I just have one pass :-P)

Why Should You Attend BlogX?

“Your network is your net-worth!”

BlogX is perhaps the only event where you will get to personally meet almost every professional blogger from India. Many of them will be the speakers at the event and they will share their beautiful journey. You will get a chance to grab some actionable blogging strategies straight from the horses’ mouth!

That’s not it. You are going to meet a variety of bloggers who can be as young as 13 to as old as your grandfather. (Blogging is free from all age barriers). Who knows you might end up finding your next business partner there?

So what’s the takeaway?

I have convinced my parents to let me attend the event. I made them realize the importance of attending BlogX 2017 for my career.

So what’s the one thing I want you to take away from this article?

Life will give you ample opportunities to do what you want to. What you need to do is very simple.

When life extends a finger, make sure you grab the entire hand!

Yes. That’s how successful people work.

If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it!

See you at BlogX 2017!


  1. Absolutely elated Yashraj upon you winning the giveaway. One of my greatest motivations to attend the event is meeting you and all the people who have become a part of my life in my blogging journey. See you soon at BlogX! 3:)

  2. That’s amazing. I remember the first time got to know about you when you shared your infographic published on We are already connected on Facebook but today i got to know about your blog when you posted status about completing 8 years so congrats.


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