Cartoons have been a part of everyone’s childhood, and while few made this transition to grownups also. Hence, there are still many people who enjoy watching cartoons every once in a while.  But the problem they are facing is that most of the cartoons are now no longer in the scene, and the only way to watch them is online.

Therefore, watching cartoons online is one of the best things to do if you are bored as it also makes your past time memories refresh. It has also become quite popular among different people especially with the teenagers as it takes them into a new world colorful and cute character with a moral message which makes them totally addictive.

There are many websites which offers the users to watch cartoon online for Free but some of the best are listed below in this article:

1Hulu cartoons –

This website is one of the best sites to watch your favorite cartoon online for free and without any hassle. This site is very popular for its high-quality videos and animations. For using this website you have to use a particular VPN and for that you can also get a PD-proxy premium account from this website for free.


2Toonjet –

It’s another website to watch cartoons online for free. So, if you like to watch classic cartoons, then this site is perfect for you people. Some of the best cartoons which are available on this website are Tom and Jerry, looney tunes etc. The important feature of this website is that you can watch cartoons online for free without sign up.


3Cartoon movies HQ –

This website has an amazing list of cartoon movies. It has the best cartoons you can ever watch online for free without any problem. Therefore, some of them are Batman, BEN 10, Family Guy etc. Recently, this site has also launched a new feature on which you can play online cartoon games as well.


4Watch cartoon online –

This website is the best site to watch cartoons online and that to without any cost. It also has an amazing home page including huge directory of hundreds of cartoons, out of which some are uncle granpa season 2, teen titans go, etc.


5Anime flavour –

Anime flavour is the good site to watch cartoons online for free and without paying a single cent. This site is excellent for those who want to watch cartoon movies online for free 2016. In this you can select any cartoon to watch from the sidebar of this site on which there is a huge list of cartoons is listed.


6GO go anime –

Go go anime is the superfast site to watch cartoons online for free. On this site you can find almost any cartoon dubbed in english. Further, this site is also available all over world, so you don’t need to connect to any VPN to surf this site and you can enjoy your favorite cartoons online at maximum speed.


7Disney Junior–

This colorful website is usually viewed by toddlers. This site is overloaded with disney classics like Mickey Mouse, Princesses etc. What’s more interesting is that along with episodes, the site also allows you to play games and activities to keep your young ones busy.

8Nick Toons-

This website is one of my favorite and best site to watch cartoons online for free. On this beautiful site, you can watch all nick cartoons like, jimmy neutron, avatar, spongebob quarepants etc. Therefore, I had personally tried this site to watch cartoons online and I faced no issue.

9Anime Toon –

It has more than 100 cartoon shows in its database for all its users. You can also watch cartoons and movies on this site. On this site you can also sort cartoon series from different genres like action, comedy, adventure, crime and drama.

10Anime Center –

This powerful site is one of the unique site which provides multiple mirror of every cartoon episode in HD quality. You can also check upcoming subbed episodes on this site and you can also chat with your friends having similar taste with you from chat box which is located at the bottom this site.

Therefore, this was all about the list of top 10 best sites from which you can easily watch cartoons online without any problem. So, start your new colorful and animated journey in this wonderful world of cartoons.

About the author: Justine is a professional photographer and spend most of time in the same. In his free time, he works for Essay-On-Time, and develops content as per their requirement.



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